B&W DM303 vs PBS Image vs HKT SB2 vs Enery Connoisseur


I am planning to put together a $1500- $2000 HT system in my basement (30ft x 20ft x 8 ft). The actual sitting area is around 20 ft x 15ft. I am about to order a Panasonic LCD projection TV PT60LCX63 with the HT system.

Previously, expert like Hawk has suggested that B&W DM303 and NAD T742 is a good pairing (Thanks Hawk). After reading some more comments and review I have added three more speaker system to my selections. They are:

1. PBS Image (4T, 8C, 2B, subsonic 6)
2. NHT (SB2, SC1, SW10)
3. Enery Connoisseur (C3, CC1, CR1, S10.2)

I dont have any chance to listen to any of these matches up yet. I would welcome any opinions, recommendations or critics to narrow down my selections. I am in Chicago, i think i am able to audit all the pairing except B&W and NAD because no local dealers carry these two brands together.

Please let me know what are your comments. Thanks.

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Anon, being quite new to this I can only offer up a couple suggestions that were offered to me here. There are other folks here with enough knowledge, and the desire to help. They'll most likely have comments on the pairings you're considering.
I see you're in Chicago and I would imagine you've been over to Saturday Audio Exchange. If not, go!! You can definately check out the NAD/PSB pairing there, (I did). They may even have the NHT line too, I can't remember.
I purposed the 742 and pretty much the same PSB speakers as you mention here but was talked into going with the 1B's instead og the 2B's for my surrounds. They'll share the same size woofers as the 4T's and 8C that way, as well as save you a few bucks. If you go this route talk with Andy Zimmerman over there (he's the owner). His closeout prices on the PSB/NAD combo are unbeatable right now, but you may want to hurry, I'm not sure how much stock he has left.
Actually my shipment is due tomorrow!!

Here's a link to my post which is quite the same as yours:


Thanks Sem. Greatly appreciated with your link. i will try to stop by saturday audio before i go on spring break this friday. Also thanks to others that have consistently contributed good advices and recommendations to this discussion.

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If you had to put your money on one of the following combinations driven by a NAD T753, which would you go for ?

- B&W 6 series (DM603, 600, LCR60, ASW 600)
- PSB Image (4 or 5T, 8C, 1B, subsonic 6)

I know both the combinations are a sure-hit with NAD and are roughly the same price, but which would YOU select ? I'm sure a lot of you would've auditioned them in the past.

Here's adding the complexity - what about the B&W 3 series (DM309, 303, LCR3, ASW 300) - much cheaper than the 2 above, but at a significant loss in sound quality as well ?

Hi Sem, which subwoofers did you get to match with your PSB? I just corresponded with andy from saturday audio. Thanks.

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I'm hoding off on a sub for now, slush funds running low ;-) Hopefully towards summer I'll explore it further. If you read through my original thread there were some ideas provided for subs there. Good luck and be sure to post what you finally end up doing - it may be beneficial to others.

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Hi folks, my first post on this site:

Here's my current setup:
Source - NAD T571 cd/dvd changer
Receiver - Arcam AVR200
Speakers - PSB Image 4T mains, 8C centre, 1B surrounds
Sub - B&W ASW600

I've previously owned a NAD receiver (2-channel) and indeed the PSB Image series makes an excellent match with NAD. I've also listened to the B&W 600 series quite a bit with both NAD and Arcam components. To be choosing between these 2 sets of speakers is not a bad a dilemna at all!! They are both excellent speakers, very mellow and smooth sounding yet also revealing and detailed. If you can get them at the same price, I'd lean toward the B&W 600 series as I find them to have just a shade more sparkle and refinement. Also, they're rated at 8 ohms vs the PSB's at 6 ohms -- the NAD can handle either of course, but why not give it an easier (even marginally) load if you have the option! I went with the PSB's because they could be had for a lot cheaper than the B&W's where I'm from. I did buy the B&W sub, and it integrates beautifully with my PSB's -- I don't think the PSB subs have been quite as well reviewed as the new B&W subs, and was quite happy after listening to the ASW600. Incidently, my priorities are 90% music, 10% movies and I prefer acoustic stuff as well as lots of classical and jazz -- my classically-trained ears are pretty picky with music, and I agree with many on this board who feel that a system that does well with music will also do well in home theatre. My setup suits me perfectly, but be sure and listen to the stuff thoroughly before you buy - the stores I deal with will let me take the stuff home for a few days before I buy, ask your dealer -- it's really worth checking out the gear with your own CD's and in your own home before you spend your hard-earned. Hope this info is helpful, and happy shopping!

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Not sure if you've made the purchase yet, but I'll add my two cents anyhow. I Own the DM303 series B&W and the NAD T752. I love the combo!
The sound was very smooth once the B&Ws relaxed.
A little tight a first. The 600 series are even better again. More accurate as well. If your budget could stand it I would suggest looking at the T752 as well. I belive it has some features making it worth the extra bucks. The primary addition being the added 30 Watts per channel. Good luck!
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