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any comments on the theater research speakers i saw it on ebay tr1610 for $180. also which amp would suit it since it needs good power. thanks

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one good comment would be..."don't buy it". They are junk speakers and not worth what they claim to be.

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I can't even put into words how full of BS this TR product is...If you read the manual and even check out the website you can see that this is a high-tech con. My brother gave me the TR-6010 speakers as a gift and he thinks he got a deal by paying $180. By reading the phony 3page owner's manual (in its entirety) I could tell by all the typos and errors that this deal was a crock. I feel bad for my bro but I learned a lesson I won't forget. My husband priced some home theater systems and my brother would have been better off getting us a $200 theater system (any brand) from any store and it would have included speakers and receiver. Oh and the "700 Watts Total System Power" is a %#$$^%^ing lie. We also have a Pioneer 600 watt system and in comparison, the Theater Research speakers don't have anywhere near the watts that it claims. They sound o.k. but I would have got 40 a 40 or 50 dollar boom box and connected to my T.V. if I wanted to hear o.k. sounds. If the system says its 700 watts-- then thats what I want to hear. I agree that these white van salesmen should be honest about what they are selling and let the buyer determine whether they want the product or not. You should not be forced to settle for less that what you believed you were paying for. There are a lot of crooks, cons, scams, or whatever you want to call it so my advice is to go with your first instinct and keep your money in your pocket. You never know what you're gonna get when you buy products off the streets. At least if you buy from a store (markups or not) you know you can return it if you don't like it.

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Not to mention service.
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