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How would you rate this system? Do they fit well together?

Reciever: Denon 3802
DVD Player: Denon 1000
Main: Kef Reference two two
Satelite: Kef Q15.2
Center: Kef Reference 100
Sub: Valodyne CT-120

Your input is greatly appreciated!


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I like your speakers - you can do better than Denon with a Panasonic Sa-xr45. If you live near a circuit city, or a Bestbuy, try to hear it - has a smooth clean sound.

LiteOn LVD 2004 can be had for $120 on the web - and has a good audio section.

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Pretty good system, although I don't think the Denon is the best match with KEF. Neither is the Panasonic that James continually brings up. A more mellow sounding receiever would be a better match. I have always liked KEF since being introduced to them in the late 70's but there are no KEF dealers in my area anymore.

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The XR-45 is fine. Keep in mind it will take you 20 min. or so to turn OFF all the surround crap they have on at the factory settings. Also keep in mind, this is a digital device. As with ALL digital devices, they take FOREVER to warm up (days) so my advice is to leave them on 24/7/365 They will sound better.

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how will warming up a digital device make it sound better? Where did you hear about this phenomenon? Will my digital camera take better pictures if i leave it on for days? After all it is a digital device!
I very curious about this digital warm up. I'm just wondering why electronic products with digital capabilities even bother using heat sinks and other heat dissipating devices if it would be benificial. Will using a heater for my digital devices help?
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