Paradigm Studio 40 vs. Paradigm Monitor 5


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Has anyone heard these speakers side by side?

Is there much of a difference in sound quality?

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Yes and Yes. The 40 is much smoother and images better IMO. For the money the 5 is a very good speaker but if you can afford the 40's go for it.

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Paradigm speaker experience: I hastily, without my usual consumer auditioning purchased a pair of Paradigm Titan's as an interim speaker during a system rebuild. Even with fully upgraded cables, I didn't like the sound. I exchanged them for a pair Focus'. With some Straight Wire Sextet CABLES and Rhapsody Interconnects - the Focus are terrifice for $300. Thinking ahead and taking advantage of slow customer traffic, I auditioned the Monitor 5 v3. With upgraded cables, the Monitor 5's (v3) are just excellent for $550ish. So as an option to an initial larger outlay to the Studio 40's, consider trying the Monitor 5's with some upgraded cables/interconnects, and see how good they are. Perhaps a while down the road, with these new cables, you'll find the studio 40's extra money worthwhile. It's a good idea sonically to budget some cable upgrades in to the speaker portion of any speaker or system purchase. Get the most from your speakers with good cables.
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