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Which is better - kinetik 2400 or batcap 2000?trey goettling4
Cubic ft box helpnotredame_kid2
Second BatteryQcsfinest2
Sonic electronix...Mat Dope *****24
Box desingMr_Kebo1
Help, box designBernyMacAttack19
New honda accordMr. Rob34
Speakers; Size and Impedence?Pit Bull Guy26
Post pics of your stickers on the carifAndrizzle11
TRELLChad Lee10
Will this work for the Type R's[...Rovin...]2
Pit Bull Guy!!!Pit Bull Guy9
Lost links to xover stuff please help!bassfishing1
Should i Buy this box??nick2
Bacon lettuce tomato subsKiLLa6
One more timeYanks Fan12
Post # 10,000KiLLa38
Do DD 9500's come with stickers?KiLLa4
What box for 2 kicker cvrsnick white8
Battery Upgrade SuggestionsM.S.6
Some suggestion 150x4[...Rovin...]9
Gosh sorry i asked all those questions..but my mom put a end to it!...james caroll9
Free Online XM RadioChad Lee22
Wtf is this true? panocha6
Noob questionPaul Larrea15
Big time noob questionandy h8
12 inch W7 with 1000/1 amp. pricing, etcChad Lee2
OT: my thread got deletedJ@Yme1
Today's Installation....Chad Lee3
1000wrms amp $200 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!Justin Ogle19
TrellJoey DeSalvo1
Help with sub wiringBlaze3511
Check this outderek smith6
Wiring my SD2.5Trell11
Yes COLDDrivingreckless2
LOGAN! i have a Q for youPit Bull Guy4
Music looses it's sound quality when converted to mp3 formatM.S.5
Help with sub wiringChad Lee2
Wiring my SD2.5matt henderson1
Pit Bull Guy!!!Logan1
How are shocker sigs?Brad Warren11
Noob questionadam4
Q vs XxXReece Brassler18
WT Fu(king goddamnChad Lee8
Sub box web site???Nate3
Web site for fi ssdlivin'loud5
What size box?84linc1
Which sub?Mat Dope *****12
Fi.Q, Fi.Bl or HD3...plz helpsnarl20041
O.T. who thinks they have a fast car?cal payne57
What size box?84linc1
WT Fu(king goddamnLogan12
Which is better of the 2?Croucher11
12" BL12'sCroucher4
CHAD LEE:-)...Justin Ogle10
Why?Mr. Rob8
Wanted: Fi X10's or SSd 10'scal payne12
My New Box InstallTrevor Eaton34
My threads gone!Dustin Pettit8
What exactly does the remote wire on an amp do?Chad Lee3
Need 1600 rmsMiles Hood1
(2) 10" Alpine swr-1500 max V.S. (2) 10" Kicker l7-1200 max...Miles Hood4
Little infoaaron pottinger13
(2) 10" Alpine swr-1500 max V.S. (2) 10" Kicker l7-1200 max...dalton1
Sub box helpaaron pottinger1
Question about the epicenterChad Lee2
Dynamat?Mat Dope *****13
Little infoaaron pottinger1
Quick wiring questionsteven1
Recomend me a jig saw pleaseChad Lee54
How loud????Chad Lee3
How bout them colts????Pit Bull Guy26
New DD box plans...PLZ help....look at this pic/planTrevor6
Kevin HoldenGoin Deaf6
Marshall aka canaanCanaan9
Rockford p2 sMr. Rob12
Logan, help plzLogan4
Car audio help tchad potter10
Any body know about this amp?84linc10
Any ebay helpers here on ecoustics?? lolTJBaSsMeKaNiK23
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