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hey can you maybe design a box ported box for my sub? its a powerbass xs 12dv.2, specs are

fs- 31hz
qms- 5.6
qes- .57
qts- .52
vas- 48.8
spl 1w/1m (db)- 88.4
spl (2.83v/1m- 94.2
xmax- 13
rms- 800
max rms- 1600
frequency response 20hz-500hz
mountain depth- 6.9

all that from my manual the only thing i couldn't find the speaker displacement thanks alot man.

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i think he charges 5$ a plan

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^worth it

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hell need some mex external dimensions as well :-)

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Hit me w/ an email.

I do charge for plans, but i give you a full cut-sheet for the box.

In the email, tell me what car you have and what are you max dimensions to work with.

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aight thanks u got mail marshall.

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lol i didnt know Canaan wuz Marshall!!

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For the record Canaan, all I would listen to if I had your name would be DJ Cannon, because that's in his songs every 5 seconds...

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Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

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Registered: Mar-04 full name is Marshall Canaan White.
I go by my middle name though. When i signed up the ecoustics, I put Marshall White in for my name...and didnt realize that would be the name i posted as.

Then, when i realized you could change your name, I swapped to Canaan (Kay-nin)...cause that is what everyone around home/college calls me.

Oh...and Reece...for get DJ Cannon.

I'm M.C. White
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