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Should i get a bigger amp?lilrob11
Need help with box[...Rovin...]4
L7 or Type Xandy F15
OT-- Door PanelsAdam5
F whoever made the 1999 Mercury SableMike26
Is certifoam the same as mdf?Luke1
WindowsMartelle Pitts3
Cerwin Vega Stroker 122 Boom or no Boomlilrob2
Can someone help meIsaac4
L7's or cvx'sTyler Wayne Fletcher7
2 kicker 15 l7? over 150db?Chauncey Brown2
Needs linksJ-Dub2
BLOW OUT WINDOWS?killerzracing7112
Memphis mc classTerry64054
Its my birthday.charlie10
New subAdam7
Kicker s12l5 subSteven Norris16
Lilrob or anybody on right now>>>>Steven Norris4
Treo SSX Subs....Troy Stafford8
Which ones are nicer?Steven Norris3
Anyone know how much this costs?Matt Kitzis8
Speakers for sale!!!!Steven Norris6
Testing amp for power!!J@Yme3
Sub selection for dual 10 enclosure.Kenneth Taylor12
Pause before sub worksMike8
HELP!!!Car shuts off when i turn my music upJexx6
I Need Help!!!!drivingreckless2
Re SE or Treo TSXdrivingreckless7
Free music downloadsgrant law24
What 4 10 inch subs could beat 2 12 inch l7 same price rangeJim1
Jake papas installjake papa32
What amp for 2 10" kicker l7's Dustin6
Whats a good SQ sub that fits in my design?Dustin7
No answers in other section.Troy Stafford5
Which would u hook up toTroy Stafford5
OT - what retardsTroy Stafford3
Free music downloadsYanks Fan2
OT - what retardsLogan1
Isaac!!!!David Brunner1
Ported or sealedPelon4
Pioneer 880 head unit isit good for a systemLogan3
Need helpLogan2
Lookin for an old school brahma 15"Logan2
FS - Pioneer DEH - 1700Logan1
What would be louder with A8000Vjuliob3
OT - WTF ! , They Walk Among Us ........Jeff D.8
Even a BIGGER Rip Off!!!juliob6
System metered on TL[Kéviñ_Previé]17
Whats that website calledbassman32
Whats that website calledgratalica bom1
One last DD9515 questionzac davis13
Polyfill helpChad Lee6
18 inch sub in a honda accordMike36
Anyone Know??J@Yme12
What sounds better?Muddy Waters9
BLOW OUT WINDOWS?Ricky Kirkendall454
Treo SubwoofersMuddy Waters11
Blow outRicky Kirkendall451
Damn what a dealJexx8
Probably been asked before, but.....[Kéviñ_Previé]3
How Loud?J@Yme1
How goodJexx4
Ported or sealedYanks Fan9
What compares to two 12 inch l7's for same price or cheaperMike Loudon8
What do you think?J-Dub2
Quick on a new car audio brand!!David Brunner3
Polyfill helpMichael Cheatham1
What should i tune an ssx to?Troy Stafford11
ED Nine.1jake papa3
DD9515 "E" "F" double stack, tripple stack?Shane S21
15" AA Avalanche for sale (just reconed)Shane S24
Got my 10" RE se in the T-CAB box meteredAdam33
How loud of db would 2 kicker l7 12's bebaseball11873
OT.....what happens ifJC7
Rip Off or No?Matt Kitzis11
Whats better?ctmike9
Remote bass controlD-LOC3
Looking for Opinions on New System I am Putting Together!!Martelle Pitts29
LilrobTyler Wayne Fletcher9
Which is the better subctmike11
Solo x 12 inch?henr4
Whats better?ctmike5
Trade Amps ( JL)Qcsfinest3
Sub Burping???Steven Norris7
Ported boxChauncey Brown2
L7 help!!grant law2
Flared ports[...Rovin...]3
Can't find box specs for Diamond Audio D3's. Please help!grant law4
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