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Connecting a amp to sub(10'' kicker 250 rms)Mick3
Improper gain settingBrandon5
Phoenix Gold X600.1 Xenon!!!!!!ctmike12
Ok newbie but not reallyMateo5
Ground wire?charlie10
Amp specsdrivingreckless5
Benching an ampdrivingreckless4
Eclipse amp and Alpine HU questionsmike1
Amp SettingsBrandon5
Very simple fuse questionNypd-Lapd3
Ok newbie but not reallybassman34
Alternator ?C. Reming6
Wiring 2 4 channel ampsWinn2
2 ohms 4 ohms[...Rovin...]3
Question about 2ohm vs 4ohm connectionRyan Courtleft7
How does series relate to power?Andrew3
Reciever cutting out .... ?Demon Pride2
Series or parallel, or just one sub?Jay3
JBL and Eclipsedrivingreckless5
Good 800 watt rms amp?TJ10
Oscilliscope instructionsTJ7
Under rated ampsS.P.D15
Connecting subs to amp.[...Rovin...]5
3 SUBS FROM ONE AMP, POSSIBLE?Michael Cheatham10
Amp Problemsjuliob19
Butler vs arcGordon5
Just ordered a hifonics bxi2006d ampJpio243
I couldnt have blown two amps.Jeff Loughrey5
Possible FIRE my way?Jeff Loughrey8
Phoenix Gold Tantrum 1200.1????joe3
Phoenix gold xenonjuliob5
Help with bridging?Brandon9
Hey Oi, Check ThisMark S2
HifonicsDouble D3
Truck off, system thumpin'JohnnY B11
For sale...maybeJpio247
Pioneer gm-5100tBrandon2
How are Hifonics for speakers, not subs?Jpio245
Upgradeable subsTroy Stafford7
What amp would power 2 8w7s?Seth Walker2
Looking for amp to power Center Channel!!Nick Belsky1
How do i hook three amplifiers up together and how could i power th...Donncha Kearney1
Mounting inline fuseRoll Out6
Planet Audio VX900DBrAd GiLmAn10
Help with bridging?Roll Out1
New amp choice...killer4
OT: What is your job ?drivingreckless37
Vr1000d circuit breaker sizeEddie1
Any good?juliob4
2 used amps or this??juliob2
HCCA amps - good price ?James Longo3
JL W6 help please!ante cavlina1
Any good?LA1
2 JL w6's... Please help with amp choice!ante cavlina1
Burned My Ground, Is Amp Salvagable?Nypd-Lapd10
Helping a friendTroy Stafford1
OT, other thread wont work. wiring to 2 ohm and 1 ohm..juliob10
How do these sound???Nypd-Lapd3
Question on Wiring?Tommy K4
Did i blow my amp??Tommy K7
Jl audio 500/1Brandon6
Hooking up 3 subs to one ampMichael Cheatham2
OT- box for saleadam6
Amp for door speakers and subsJimmyP1
CEA rated?mikechec95
Questions about hpf & lpfHenry Padilla4
F/S Crossfire 1000dLouis H10
Elemental Designs??Chauncey Brown4
Amp suggestions?gage ware3
Orion 2500d setting gainsS.P.D3
Removing Amprobert eddings8
Mrd-m1005 for type rNemanja Veselinovic18
Setting amp GainzRave'n2
Rovin or sum1 else(box for 2 swr-1242d's?)[...Rovin...]2
Need recommendations for 600w RMS subs for pure SPL application.James G2
Inline fuse questionJames G6
Yo BS.P.D6
Does it matterWinn4
I Need A 1200w AmpChauncey Brown13
Question on setting gains continuedSW91522
Need An Amp, any amp, broke and desperatejuliob3
Which Amp/Sub Should I Getjuliob4
Need help before i waste moneyjuliob15
Amp wantedDer Führer!3
Memphis 1100dDer Führer!14
EDesigns amp.Ram Man4
What amp??nick5
Will it work for now?nick3
Installation helpmat hooker3
M A audio?mat hooker6
How do you know when your Gain is set correctly.Polo34
How many watts is too much???juliob6
Hifonics amps sq?nick8
Prd1000.1 or mcd1000.1B4
JL Helpnick5
Please need some helpJamon Mon6
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