Possible FIRE my way?


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I have 8ga. power going to the back/Org.I got the wireing packedge for 350 watts if this helps. The amp it is normalily connected to is a SONY 600 watt amp. I currently have 1 12" Sony. peak 1100 watts. My question to you professionals is there anyway i can run a second AMP the same as i have and not be worried about pulling to much power through my power wire causeing it to heat/melt/Fire? Or do i need to be rewired for more watts? Thank You,

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what amp you got and what's it putting out?
for future reference, when refering to amps/subs, always go rms, peak doesn't mean anything.

and i'm not an expert or anything but if your even concerned just move up to 4 gauge.

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imo, I wouldn't run 2 amps off 8 gauge

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my sub is 100watts RMS.. Amp is i think 125watts per channel. this amp is a 3/4 channel amp whatever this means.. Currently i have the SUB pulling from two channels.

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8ga is TINY! I have used that as sub wire and NOT power wire before! You will need to upgrade your wire size runing from the front to the back, with a new fuse to protect that wire!
Atleast 4ga wire!

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400 watts RMS is the most your gonna wanna runb of 8 g power wire

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Could i just wire it for 1000 RMS from a new car batt. in the trunk, instead of running a whole new power the length of the car?. I wanted to mabye just jump the ground there on the current AMP and also the same for the RCA and remote. Is this at all ok to do?

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....uh, you're asking to set something on fire...

just got with a new 4ga amp kit...getting cheap wire is the worst thing you can possibly do.
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