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I have a HiFonics Brutus amp runnin at 1000x1

Its powering 2 Audiobahn 12"s at 400 rms each (their not the greatest)

Well, my problem is that a few weeks ago I was bumpin music a little bit louder than I usually do, and the amp just turned off and the protection light turned on on the amp as well as the bass control knob.

Now, whenever i turn the bass up to even just a quarter way up, it turns off and the protection light goes on again.

Some said I needed a new battery. I just got a new battery the other day and the problem is still there. Some also said that the ground wire must be touching metal somewhere. Well me and a few friends checked it pretty thoroughly and we couldnt find any places where its touching any metal.

If you could give me some advice before I go to a local audio store and get ripped off and probably buy things I really dont need, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks alot,


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What is the VC configuration on your subs? DVC? 2 ohm? 4 ohm? How are they wired? Series? Parallel? Series/Paralell? Is the amp really hot to the touch? It could be a number of things, so let us know this to begin with.

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2" 4 Ohm Dual Voice Coil

The amp is fairly warm to the touch. Not hot. And im told the amp is running at 1ohm

As far as series and paralell... you lost me. Sorry im really a tech guy, is there a way you could dumb that down for me??

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What is your gain set at?
Check all of your wires in your box one might have come or be loose .

A common problem for the protection light is a burned, scraped, or cut wire touching metal.

Where is your ground connected? Did you sand any paint, oxydation, or grease off of connection point to enshure full ground?
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