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Hifonics Brutus 1200 vs Phoenix Gold Tantrum 1200joe1
2003 Impala Where to put (2) 8" subs?LA2
CVX ???LA11
2 8W7's, 1 10W7, 2 10w3v3's?Mitchell Page13
Lmfao,Here's to all of u Andy Milinokis Fans- OTPimp3
Treo SSI 10.22 Special edition (Chrome)Matthew Lee10
Best system setup?TJ8
Only the best...Zepcoe16
3 sub box designBryce Gesser4
3 subs 1 amp???Bryce Gesser9
I need ADVISEJimmyJames13
Orion h2 15 vs re sx 15lucas beckner5
Hey...Chad need a lil help with my box buildingZepcoe16
AMP Overheat ProblemFuss13
Weird Amp Problems. wetwilly3
Chad Lee (or anybody else)Chad Lee6
Need help wiringSW91522
Soooo confused!!!Josh Smith21
I have a question refering to port size Seth Walker3
Box finishedJosh Smith3
Anyone heard?Thomas E Miller3
What amp to power 2 8w7'sBrandon4
Help with bridging?Brandon4
OHM'sSeth Walker6
Reccomend me a budget systemjake papa5
OT: Another Best bass song threadStephen Thomas Colli13
Explanantion on RE prices + Re sub specs killerzracing717
Quick helpDer Führer!7
Cvr vs alpine type rMaxx6
Need your help ed wall5
Help with installSW91526
Xmax on SX12Trevor Eaton6
Set up car subs in homeSeth Walker2
DSl internet tweakingEva Diaz5
Subs Blown?Tony Pawlicki9
OT: Downloading songs?Polo18
SUV Setup!andy F3
Good 12" subs for a 500/1 JL ampBrandon11
OT-car choosing helpJK4
Box Idea #2Demon Pride2
Slot Port?marshall white7
Box idea.Demon Pride5
Treo tsx 15 vs orion h2 15S.P.D3
How many of you have taken Driving School!!! aah!!Muddy Waters5
Best for SPLSeth Walker4
Most Ligit Subs for about 150?lilrob2
IDmax vs. Eclipse TIMateo10
Need help finding a boxdarkwaters1
CHECK OUT MY BOX! Need advise on the fiberglassing.Brett14
Goldjake papa3
Need amp buying helpCasey Wood2
Look what i came home withCasey Wood17
Sub recommandation pleasejake papa6
Serif Font???J-Dub3
Type-SMark S5
SQ or SPL???Seth Walker45
OT-Around My AreaMark Highland17
3 subs 1 12" 2 10"ctmike2
For SaleMark Highland10
Where can I get free full downloadable mp3's ?Lewass25
Help Please! -------Orion 2500D-------juliob3
Box building help/\/\ike3
Need 600w RMS SPL subs.SW915210
Wiring at 1 ohm?marc10
Speaker Blueprints|\/|aTT |F2
Box Specsmarshall white8
Need help wiringSeth Walker3
Alpine type s?Mark S2
Box question(all the box builders need an advise)lilrob22
Is this how to wire .5 ohm?marshall white5
Weird diagram, need helpTroy Stafford2
Something newJ-Dub2
Wat u thinkSW91527
Sql sub/s for under 300Bryce Gesser16
Subs Cutting OutTony Pawlicki12
AA Havoc 15 !!!WrEaK HaVoC6
OTish - Toolsmarshall white8
New Box! PicSW915223
Amp for saleSW91527
Audiobahn Immortels .....juliob8
Which will hit harder?Chad Lee12
What sizeTommy K3
If anyone is interestedlucas beckner10
Infinity 12dvq Exp.billy bob13
Hey need advisectmike9
Stupid best buy peopleAvalanche189
Can someone show me how to wire to 2 ohms?Demon Pride3
Sorry typo 1100 watt class dMaxx5
Three 10" da--fiberglass box 100w class d ampRay Cisco1
Jackhammer!!!Ray Cisco5
I need a cheap 600 watt amp!!!!!Andrew Capps3
Remoe Wire QuestionJake Davis29
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