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2 12" SE's on 600watts?[...Rovin...]3
Low End FrequencyDustin5
What do you think?Wahl6
Local Shopjuliob15
Box size fry a sub?josh smith1
Anyone know this old skool ampDustin9
Sx or xxx which one?True Story6
(250 bux for an install)SW915218
Newbie helpBryce Gesser19
A little help with some choices if you don't mind.Brandon26
Best single sub for meDarren59
Whats the loudest SPL 15" sub below $300? L7?B40
Box fry subs?josh smith1
Technical car audio sitesmikechec94
Bad information from other postersIsaac35
Geo metro having problemsYoung James4
Subwoofer Vas measurement.Polo5
Can any1 tell me what my old box was tuned to?Joseph Lewis5
Advise on new system....mostly 12" sub!!!Paul van Dyk7
Does anybody know why TCAB boxes get so loud?Adam26
Best SQ 12" Sub for $250-500?B9
Geo metro having problemsB2
Kicker solobaric 15 inch l7 VS Kicker compvr 15 inchNight Mirage6
Can any1 tell me what my old box was tuned to?Joseph Lewis1
Isaac, this ? is for youCasey Wood11
Faster bass stuff.....Nanbakat26
Configurations...josh smith13
Need Help With Sub InstallJosh5
4 12" subs....2 ampslucas beckner5
Another Alpine R question?SW91523
How much port space?marshall white25
Using a slightly larger or smaller sealed enclosure? Problems?SW91526
A offer i think i cant refusejones palmer8
Kicker s18 10,000 wattsjuliob21
Thanks!True Story3
Getting started@lex6
Wiring Opinionjosh smith4
Selling my two 12" Audiobahn Eternalsjosh smith11
Orion 2500dJosh6
RE LINEUPjohnny lemoine66
New system help[...Rovin...]9
Best box for arsenal 12.Jerrone Hornbeak1
What size rims should i put on my CAR killerzracing7130
On my sub box..Nypd-Lapd2
What would you do?Kevin3
Whats the biggest externally.....SW915213
Flat Cones, Reversed surrounds... and all the othersmikechec917
From these sub's witch will be louderWahl7
Fusion questionWahl4
What Subs would get the loudest in this sealed box? This questions ...MO9
Louder then mekillerzracing7135
Have Kappa 693.7i in box with 200hz BASS BLOCKERS, good or bad?BrAd GiLmAn1
Whats that website that custom builds enclosures?James Palanza1
Any way to get past the firewall without cutting it on a cobalt?B9
HOW THE HEIIjosh smith34
Alpine 1241d type r'sjosh fricke6
_HaVoC_D'Angelo Guzman1
Type R Slotted?Jay B.5
03 MaximaTaylor Stanley8
Why is a low tuned box louder to the ear but not loud on the micnick9
Ascendant, soundsplinter, soundstream....Chauncey Brown6
How do you tune a box?????GlassWolf2
Q Power SubsChauncey Brown26
OT- Ebay BusinessJosh13
Will i have to rewire my whole car?CadillacDb6
New XXX Josh3
How to set the phase control on the amp?Joseph Lewis2
HU's...jake papa9
200 dollar budget...andy F4
2 RE se's with a 12.1blaine westropp3
JBL GTO or Infinity Reference?Maxx4
BOSE - sub integration -- HELP!True Story4
Good amp for sub?D.J. Tucker2
KickersD.J. Tucker26
Ma audio??? whats the biggest...../\/\ike3
New 2006+ range of subs???mikechec95
Inverted subs?GlassWolf31
Off topic but...Brandon3
Off stopic-- gaugeTrue Story8
How do i wire 2 alpine swr-1242 subs for a 1ohm load???bassman34
Guy in sub box videocharlie7
Box building Help!Maxx1
MA audio amps...whats the biggest.../\/\ike1
Could my alternator be why car is stalling out?lucas beckner12
I pray..True Story10
Refurbished ???????juliob8
Db drive is da best better than jl audioviva la bam10
Slot or round port????D.J. Tucker48
Sub enclosure softwarejosh smith4
Mounting depth Drew Heiling1
What is filling a box with "POLY" and how do you do it? I will use ...lucas beckner21
Will this setup need a new ALT.Jerrone Hornbeak9
Path of least resistanceSean Gibson4
Help. Amp Kit PiecesTJ5
Is this good??TJ10
PolyfillJohnnY B2
New box...nick4
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