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Is my amp blown?blaine westropp2
Are they gunna BLOW ??blaine westropp36
What does this meanNate So3
Would this amp work?Nate So4
Amp wont let my radio turn offcara smith8
1 OHM amp? ty mutlow3
Amps???Chauncey Brown9
Are they gunna BLOW ??JK2
Diamond Audio d7152 or Hifonics BX1000d Eric Sony5
I got screwed...howie feltersnatch21
What does spraying resin on the inside of a box do ??Mitchell Stone2
I have a RF p4004 and a RF T20001BD what electical upgrades do i need?Anonymous10
Orion or Soundstream? need some pro's helpGavin Wynne5
HELP!!marshall white4
KENWOOD KAC-9102Dluke ellers1
Need help on 4 channelnoid1
What brand for a 4 channel amp?? (very good SQ)noid30
Need amp help quick!Brandon3
Alpine 3339bill wright1
Diamond Audio d7152kdogg173
Eclipse subJames Longo5
Please help ppl need advice.... n e body heard of fli audio or...James Longo2
Orion 1200dJames Longo9
Kickers 2006 mono amp line up.Polo3
Need your opinion!!!Polo17
Which one is better viper 1200d or directed 1100dSeth Lowe2
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12DVQ Bruno milien7
New to this stuff and need help.Anonymous1
DVC questions??Bob3654
Sub wiringOptidriven4
Orion HCCA 250G4 for saleJames Longo41
Coustic 401db remote gain helpchris frey1
Anyone herd of this !!Thomas White50
Help with wiring.Optidriven2
Alpine mrd-500Ruben Valle1
4 ohms, 2 ohmssoundnoob7
JL AudioChauncey Brown26
Amp on EbayChauncey Brown35
50% off OrionBerny5
Amp helpluke ellers3
Looking for recommendationsjrmay1
Please helpblaine westropp2
Please helpblaine westropp2
Orion SX wiring??James Longo3
Problem with JL 1000/1Jonathan8
Which on to pickT.J.10
No bass sound after installing ground loop isolatorB30
Bench test for 800a4 to set gains. Do you know how?ron holmes1
Bench test for 800a4 gain setting. Do you know how?ron holmes1
Protection Comes on when I turn up volume.powerprogoose6
Mark Antony MK-1500X vs ed nine 1scott DeBaker7
Audio art 100hcAlan1
A/d/s PQ20 info needed Owners manual etc...ron holmes1
Infinity set upilya iaskevich3
Amp and speakersOptidriven7
Amp or Antenna wire not workingOptidriven2
I need some opinions on this subJames Longo2
Anyone know Oldschool US AmpsJames Longo2
Good Setup??goinglow6
Amp keeps kicking offBad_Azz_Bowtie8
Amp for two infinity 12'sRyan3
Current draw amp @ different ohms and spl'sOptidriven6
How do I hook up a 2 channel amp and a 4 channel amp to run 4 10'sryan c.2
Alt....ryan c.8
Sub clippingJohnnY B3
Installation on stock deckJustin Karr1
Re Mt's Chauncey Brown7
JL Audio 500/1 4 SALE!!!Chauncey Brown16
JL 1000/1 Turns on and off... help plzSimon J Casey6
Amp goes into protectionChauncey Brown2
Mixing diffrent sub models togetherThe 15
What amp would you recommendsean6
I have 2 750 rms watt DVC subs that I plan to push with a 4 channe...sean18
Amplifiers the eternal ?sean9
What Amps Psuh 1000 watts RMS inexpensive but cleanlysean2
Lookin to sell my mtx 81000d amplifiersean7
How many amps?Optidriven2
Running 2 amps??CadillacDb5
MA Hk4000d 1 ohm stable??ty mutlow2
Any clue?Alan6
Wuts Up With My Amp?TWiZTiD21
What is wrong?Isaac3
Distroblock Question, is this safe?Thomas White6
What is the best way to shake the earth?Thomas White13
Going to run 2 RE SX 15", but what amp?blaine westropp8
RCA line converter for ampOptidriven6
Amp to push 4 10 inch l5Anonymous2
Need a little wiring helpty mutlow4
Resined my box...check it out...and vidsB3
Sign up to this members mapcharlie2
Which Amp's the Best?T.J.6
Better amp?b p4
CrossOver / LPF,HPF on HU or AMP or both ? ? ? ?ty mutlow2
CrossOver / LPF,HPF on HU or AMP or both ? ? ? ?MO1
WOWCasey Wood5
Which Amp's the Best?T.J.1
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