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Hi. I'm pretty new to designing an amped system so I'm looking for advice and/or recommendations for the following setup for a 2006 4runner:

fronts: CDT HD62 or Boston Acoustics SL60 comps
rears: 6.5s for fill
sub: IDQ-10D(2|4)V.2 though since I'm not looking to wake my neighborhood, I might go with an 8" instead.

At this point, I'm figuring on powering the rears from the HU. That leaves the fronts and the sub requiring an amp. Ideally the amp would fit under one of the front seats so that limits it to around 15 inches wide give or take. It would be nice to do this with a single amp.

Would I be better off running a 2-channel amp in tri-mode or getting a 4 channel amp and bridging the last 2 channels for the sub?

If the latter, would the Audiobahn A4004T fit the bill? The 10D2V.2 is DVC with 2ohm coils so could I wire those in series to give the necessary 4ohm load to the bridged outputs?

If the A4004T isn't up to snuff, is there a small multichannel amp out there that's better-suited for this setup? I'd like to keep the costs under, say, $200, so that pretty much rules out using 2 separate amps.


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