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Need help in choosing a budget ampRovin6
Need helpin pickin out an amp for my 12" L7's.Mike Roffle5
Amp for a 15"type r subRawle7
4 channel amp with DVC subDrew Steele6
SoundstreamAndrew Hefner6
New to all this, please help "looking for an amp"Anonymous10
Amp optionsRovin10
Eclipse PA5422 - Eclipse 4 ChLiL Jon5
Car InstallationGreg Swenson1
500d for cousticEclipse 073
WHich oneJack2
Do I need a Capacitor?GlassWolf2
Should amp's RMS match speakers' RMS?Edster92213
Volt Meters showing different levelsGlassWolf2
Glass-setting my gain myselfGlassWolf7
Running a Kicker KX600.1 amp on 8 guage wireGlassWolf10
4 subsMuddyWaters2
Amp = subsJexx3
Kicker 1-ohm amp with Kicker 15" Solo-Baric L7 2-ohm dual voice coi...James G3
Amp cutting out...muddy help!!!Mike Jones11
Hey Glass, Jon, others... Need help installing a PPI AX400!!Justin Bailey3
Amp/sub questionJames G3
Monitor AMPSDozy1
Alpine Sub and Amp Question!!!MuddyWaters3
My SYSYTEM!!!Tyler5
Amp for thisMuddyWaters6
Car Audio Wallpaper And Cool Stuff??MuddyWaters4
What quality subs and amp can i get for around 800 dollers?Robert4
Is this possible?Jake Hill2
What amp for rockford he2 12Marcus Thompson1
JL 500/1 vs RF T5002 vs RF P6002Jonathan18
Amplifier questionDavid Thompson8
What size amp?john domanski7
Final Amp QuestionNeed4Bass2
Custom Mustang sub box w 2400 watt rockford ampMark Ross1
Hifonics bx1205 wiring questionterry64054
Xtant High Level AdapterTravis6
Xs100, 275g4, crossfire 1000d vs. kx1200.1??? spl install...marshall white3
AMP HELP!Isaac11
2002 Punch 500xJack2
I need some advice.Rovin19
RF Type RF Amps???Need4Bass1
Helpfull sitesRovin5
Amp ProblemsMatt M1
2400 watt rockford ampGlassWolf10
Magic Wattage Formula?GlassWolf5
Regulated vs Unregulated Power SupplyGlassWolf8
PPI yesterday vs. today, impedance vs. rmsGlassWolf5
Amp For Kappa Perfects?Mike DiSanto6
Good amp for 2 Audiobahn AW1506T 15" Chrome Flame Q Subwoofers??Robert3
Harrison LabsMatt Reynolds1
One 400RMS Kicker mono and two '03 DVC 2ohm type-rs?Craig's5
A good amp for 2 12" Octane ZR12d Phoenix Gold subsJames Belch8
Alpine MRD-605 vs JL 500.1Chauncey Brown5
Best amp to power a RE SX in ported boxChauncey Brown2
Wiring from alternatorscuba steve4
What do you think?MuddyWaters25
Can Someone Clearify This?? :SAnonymous6
Wow... Audiobahn A8002T started on fire :SAmp PrObLeMs8
4000 watts, too much for stock alt?MuddyWaters7
HOW TO USE THIS?rideredder4
HU's with subwoofer preoutsWC4
RF P3001 help please?? Young James1
GW, Jon, Isaac: If You Had To Choose....MuddyWaters6
I have a question Mike DiSanto6
Hifonics BX1605D Rovin17
Polk/Momo C300.2 Carbon SeriesNeed4Bass2
Black Art PPI A600GlassWolf2
Glasswolf or Jonathan: WHY...???GlassWolf9
Specs for ppi A300?GlassWolf9
Orion xtr pro 1000GlassWolf21
Question about powering amp, please helpGlassWolf4
Highest Possible Gain Setting W/ Bass Remote?Young James4
Are the new RF Power series really junk???Darren T Wojtowicz4
Recommend An Amp?mixneffect5
Need adviceChauncey Brown2
Is this a good system to reccomend to my friend?James G5
Your Thoughts and Opinions on This AmpMuddyWaters3
Is it a Match??mike09787O23
JL ampsChauncey Brown4
Amp for CF12MuddyWaters8
Need amp to run 2 RE SE'sJoe Fazio2
Need some wattageRovin5
HOW TO USE THIS?pikeshp1
Cig LIgheter and car Hu help..... PLZpikeshp10
Which oneRovin3
Avalanche AmpRovin3
Alipine type r 12 2005 model need amp.pikeshp2
3 amps which one?Anonymous6
Which would play better?PaoGr2
Amp ChoiceMuddyWaters3
Diamond 400.4 speaker/sub wiring....Eric4
Best amp for 2 DLS UR 10"?MuddyWaters12
Capacitor for amp??GlassWolf15
First system.. Rovin9
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