Wow... Audiobahn A8002T started on fire :S


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So I had my system hooked up today and belive me, it was hooked up correctly, I had my friend who is a ceritifed audio person ( I don't know the correct term) set it up... Well I was driving around bumping when my bumps stopped. So I pulled over, opened up my trunk, and to my surprise a shitload of smoke poured out. I bought this amp BRAND NEW off ebay... Now I took it to Performance Audio (A great audio place around here) and they said it had an internal short which caused my power cord to go crazy and it fried my amp. My question is, that the company on ebay i bought this from says it has a "30 day manufacter defect" warrenty... An internal short would count as a manufactorer defect, correct? That's what the audio person from Performance Audio told me ...

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Yup, internal short would be considered a manufacturer defect.

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Possibly, but you could run into problems.

I know you said it was installed correctly, but I have to ask: What subs, what VC configurations, how many subs, and how were they wired? Was there a fuse installed on the power wire near the amp? Does it have fuses on the amp itself?

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Also you bought it off ebay, which may void the manufacturer warrenty

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James: I had a 1600 watt Image Dynamic sub 15"-4ohm. 1 sub. ~How were they wired? How the hell am I suppose to know I had a professional do it. ~No there wasn't a fuse on the power wire. Yes it has 2 fuses on the amp.

Chauncey- The people on ebay offer a 30 day manufacter's defect return.

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If the eBay seller isn't offering any support/help, you should try Audiobahn directly. They give 90 day warranty I think. You don't have anything to lose.
Not every so called "professional" are that. Some are just beginners/interns learning on the job. They also make mistake, so you can't assume anything.

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They told me to send it to back to them and they'd "Test it and if defetective, send me a new one"... I stripped out the power cable screw when taking it out for the face that it was shooting sparks and smoking and stuff... crazily ...everywhere, hopefully that won't matter..

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EDIT: Fact* not face
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