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Here is the setup for right now....

1x old Alipine HU!
1x Boss 7 band Equilizar
1x MTx crossover
2x 6x9 pioneer 4way premiers for now! (impressed)

- NOTE: I plan on changing all the above except HU to MEMPHIS!@!

1x Memphis pr200.2 = HIGHS = 140.2 rms @ 2ohms (25Ax2)
1x Memphis prd1000.1 = BASS = 1000.1 rms @ 1ohms (40Ax4)
2x Memphis 15mc124d-MClass 12" SUBS (1ohm config)
1x Ported Box for TWO 12" SUBS, DEEP!!! WIDE!!

This shhhh can really make your ears bleed! I wont even compare my system with the guys around here. This shhh drops seriously! Enough to break & crack the chrome trims around my trunk.
You can hear my coming a good 4 -6 blocks away!
And may I add thats with my back seat UP! cause it dont fold, and thats with only 2 front windows rolled down!!

You guys on here like Memphis? All I got to say is I think all this shhh is underatted!!!!!
I am runing 2 of there low designed subs (200rms) and pushin 1000 rms to it, and it askes for more!!
I am now thinking of going with 2 mojo memphis subs rated @ 750 rms per sub.
I will be having some pictures coming soon.
It is very un-comfortable when your riding with me. example made 2 girls cry after they got a ride less than 1 mile!! try that.... Lamo

I know I need and alternaor cause sometimes when i turn the vol to 16 the highs will fade out if im using the AC!!! The lights also do the xmas tree thing at night. but not very noticeable.
I am only runing 4ga! its cost money for wire u know. I will upgrade when the time is right.

Any of you guys pusshing those memphis mojos or the lvs? what u guys think????
Or have a simular setup?

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"1x Boss 7 band Equilizar "

I don't like Boss. I know it's just an equalizer, but I've dealt with some before. I have a 12 Band Realistic, and a 10 Band Pioneer. They're home models, and though Realistic in the day made awesome speakers, they just didn't have it with the equalizer. The Pioneer was much nicer. They make Pioneer EQ's for cars lol!

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Might I also suggest, instead of a Memphis HU, a Pioneer Premier, a nice Eclipse, or a high end Alpine.

Memhpis is kinda like Kicker, BLEH!

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check this one out Tyler. lol

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Ok...So I was right, Memphis is g4y lol. And this kid can't just post in ONE forum, but feels insecure enough to post in several, just to get attention about his crappy system.
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