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Do they make any ALL-DIGITAL amps or head units?GlassWolf8
JBL AmpsGibson54693
Amp questionGlassWolf11
More Ohms = Better SQ and Reliability.....Anyone else heard this? GlassWolf22
Help wiring for 4 ohmsty mutlow4
Best amp for a RE XXXscuba steve13
Suitable amp for IDMAX 12"sJerrone Hornbeak2
Looking to trade 12" sx for L7s?Jerrone Hornbeak3
Amp for 2 L7 Ryan9
JBL GTO 1201.1 mikechec93
Rockford help!!dan4
Amp db Raptor 12 DVCDenis Bartley1
Which amp?Hank Rearden1
Thought you might find this interestingJames G7
Whats the best amp for factory decks(ac delco)?GlassWolf4
Ulitmate SQ 4 channel (or 5 Channel) amp upgrade - calling Glass, I...GlassWolf4
How to connect amp BSexy Kuta14
Are they lying about MB Quart Specs ???Jonathan36
Amp choice Rovin7
Hey, Will this setup work?Rovin3
RE 12.1 Amplifiermarshall white9
Best way to wire my speakersrick quigley26
Need some install help!Tyler6
Lose RCA porth, help please! GlassWolf6
Blowing fuses, whats wrongGlassWolf4
Hey Glass, question about PPI AX400 and Zapco Ref 500.1!GlassWolf6
Wiring AMP for NEON 02John Hurr3
How many channels do i needRobbb1
Whats the best amp for factory decks(ac delco)?Caddy8031
Need amp for speakersalex5
I need suggestions on a full systemRovin16
Wiered ampbigfoot3
AMP Running at 1200 watts RMS...Do i need a alternator?Jack9
Jbl vs. phoenix gold......advise pleaseAaron Hobbs26
What the...? Beyond strange, this is...Isaac84
Amp choice Jack2
Help wiring ampbill thurston1
Number of postsGlassWolf22
Add Bose Lux to vehicle that didn't originally have it?Anonymous1
GW Break 10,000 Today!scuba steve5
Hey i need some instructionsJack3
Speaker wire Matters?GlassWolf10
I kinda need some help...bad!GlassWolf4
Glass need help GlassWolf3
My Amp Is Bumping My Woofer Too Hard!Albert Vu3
Wut size alternator should i upgrade to for 2 JL 1000/1david g swegman13
WTF is wrong with the forumsRovin8
Amp for 2 Alpine Type R 12''Rovin7
Made in ChinaJustin Bailey17
Help On Buyin AmpVishal8
Hey Jon, Glass, Issac, etc. ... Please help with amp decisions!!Justin Bailey19
Bass knob question and comparisonChris Person3
Amp Kit????LEgacyAUDio8
MTX 801d enough power for 2 '05 CompVR 12s?Jack2
Help wiring for 4ohmsRovin28
I need an amp!Rovin14
Class a/b vs class d....Justintoxicated38
Going Broke on fuses!sean8
X-Class Amplifiers?GlassWolf6
What ohms is this?GlassWolf8
Wiring Kitbaji irwin8
05 chev siverado instal05 silverado1
Check this PPI amp out!Tyler5
ur opinion on an ampRovin8
What ohms is this?Infinity Addict2
JL or Alpine?Rovin2
Newbie asking: Is an Alpine MRV-F450 Any Good?Rovin26
Here i got some more amp ?'s for yaRovin9
Electrons?Joe Smoe5
Zapco Ref350.2 and Xtant 6.1 SetupTravis4
Best Amp MTscuba steve2
Alpine ampsJerrone Hornbeak2
Need opinions on mb quart subsJerrone Hornbeak2
Is my alpine amp big enough for my 15' subs?Jerrone Hornbeak2
Car Audio at home, 3 amps seems to be ok for me?GlassWolf13
Help Buying Amp PleseRovin21
Alpine F240 ampNorwegian passing by2
On-off switch for two amps?Seth Lowe3
Need help with an amp for Rockford Fosgate T1Rovin7
Hot Hot Hotscuba steve10
Orion 2400dbaji irwin2
MB quart and RE setupkillerzracing717
Need help on finding a power source for amprick quigley25
Alternator and battery advise!! help me out!!!GlassWolf2
Installing Bazooka Tube with Pioneer HeadGlassWolf2
Ultimate SQ ampOettinger26
Amp suggestions from experts pleaseRovin11
Sony X plode any good??Isaac11
How are infinity amps?Anonymous2
Stupid Amp questionGlassWolf2
Confused about AmpsGlassWolf2
General QuestionsGlassWolf10
MB QUART's MythBrian Woodard7
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