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What compares to Kicker ZR600SEAN INC.1
HiFonics Zeus ZX7500 Wiring Kit HELPCool Guy1
Amp cuts out when volume increasesspmook1
What amp to power my sub'sAnonymous1
9.18 Help with decisions.Troy H2
IF you had a Zapco C2K 2.0 or 6.0 ?Anonymous5
Is this right, Dual 4 ohms to make 1 loadJoseph7
A second choice amp for my system! please help!Joseph4
Setting gains volt-ohm meter like in the JL tutorial...other brands???sean10
Buying a system for my new car... thoughts pleaseAlex Kintis1
AMP for kappa perfects 1
Question on WiringFishy2
Amplifier problems, need helpFishy4
Amp setup: need helpkoz2
Kicker KX400.1 power?Anonymous4
Kicker Solo L7johnny lemoine6
RE x x x 12 RMS annanymoose8
Are Lanzar amps any good?gettheamp7
Amp suggestions?..........please???mark37
Kind of a stupid questionAnonymous2
Profile ampsPhoenyx8
HiFonics Zeus ZX7500 MazdaMan2
My audiobahn 2300hct amplifier???sean4
Need Amp HelpFishy3
Rockford Power vs SoundstreamFishy39
JBL Power BPX500.1 Good/Bad?MazdaMan4
Audiobahn a6601q to 2 subhersheys1
NEED AMP HELP ASAPVincent Marcolini4
A stupid ?? but i am new to the world of BASS!!Nick Hard Leptinberg3
Nedd some quick advice please!Anonymous4
Help needed on amp selectionguy that needs help7
Enuff power?joeblow1
Advice on a sub in a ranger help!MazdaMan3
Whats the TRUE RMS of a JBL BP600.1???ASAP PLEASE!!!MazdaMan2
One sub two amps?Fishy11
Going below the ohm loadFishy6
Help pleaseJonathan11
What brand is the best?Anonymous10
Whats wrong with this?Andy12
Annoying humming sound from speakers connected to amp(only when car...Fishy3
WHat amp to run for some kicker solo baric L5'sAllPro6
Come on I need some help here someone answer me?Fishy2
Advice on a sub in a rangerDerek J1
Need adviceDerek J1
Amp Help!THE DIRK2
Quick questionmarshall white4
Amp for one Polk MOMO MM12scott shearer4
2olm vs. 4 olm......amp rms vs sub rms..thedirk1
Will this amp workThedirk14
Will this amp power these substhedirk7
U.S. Acoustics ampsAnonymous1
Mtx with kicker whatcha think?Troy H2
Hifonics Brutus 1500DMazdaMan2
JBL Gto 1201.1 amp n e good ?!?!?!MazdaMan3
MA audio hc4002kennyman5
Crossfire Amps.......any good?CarAudioFNG7
Quick questionAllPro7
Help me pick an amp plzAllPro7
What amp should i buyAllPro4
Help With My System, I know NothingAllPro4
Help a nub out!!!AllPro3
JBL BPX amps....anygood???freddy g9
Can I do this?Tyler Moncrief10
Now how do i connect 3 amp.Sckila1
How do i hook up a amp to MY ATV FourwheelerJoseph4
01 BOSE stock amp wire coloursJoseph2
Alpine MRV-F340 Pre-Outs?BigJ6o42
KnuKonceptz 8 or 4ga kit for Alpine 200w Amp?Jonathan5
QuestionPatrick D.5
Amp suggestions for 2 12" kicker solobaric L5'sArrin Patterson10
How to wire subs to amps?Anonymous2
Amp RMS vs Sub RMSjeremie boop2
Audiobahn A8000T?Jonathan3
Gain affects power?Joseph3
What to look for?Jonathan2
HOw much power are my subs getting?Jonathan6
Adding a higher fuseJonathan4
Question about amp/sub i'm gettingkas3
Quick questionfreddy g8
Jbl gto 601.1 vs. Hifonics Brutus bx1000dCool Guy1
Will someone Help Me outArrin Patterson1
Is this too much WattsMazdaMan4
HY IS MY AMP SO HOTT?!?!?!Dean Kertai2
Two different amps running two DVC 15" subs?Justin Fraser1
Amp for infinity perfect 10 inbig guy3
Internal Amp wiring diagram?jeep4ever1
Monsoon amp questionpontiacwoofer1
Mono vs 2 ChannelDavid Vogelsang1
HiFonics Brutus BX1000D(power overrated?)CaliSoutherner7
Maximizing power on 1 Ohm Stable Sony ESAnonymous5
Guide to AMP - SUB selectionMazdaMan2
Help With My Hook Up ( 3 subs to a 4 channel amp)Fishy7
What ever happened to Glasswolf???koz2
Orion Xtreme XTR9002 - is a good amp.CarAudioFNG4
Eclipse DA7232 AmpChris Marks6
I need some advisekoz4
Which ampfreddy g6
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