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Hey everyone. I just bought a Chevy 2002 Silverado ext cab. I was wondering what you guys think about the system that I recently got quoted. I went to sound advice and many other places and found that sound advice was a decent place to get the stuff. First of all, I just want to know if this will be a decent system and if it will hit hard.

MB Quart RLE216 Component speakers
1 JL 300/2 to push the components
3 JL 10 w3v2 in a custom made box under my back seat
1 JL 1000/1 to push the 3 subs
An alpine head unit just so I can play mp3 cds
2 4 gauge wires
2 2-chan RCA cables

Total: 3350. (Down from 3650 after saying he could "help me out").

Installation and wiring and custom box included in total.

First, is this a good deal?
Second, Will this system hit hard? Because I wanted to get JL 12 w7's but they said that wont fit, neither will 10 w7's or w6's ... and they said that They could put 3 JL 10 w3v2's but that would be the most (under the back seat, w/o going crazy and building a new center console and putting two subs in there for a lot more money)...
Three, here ( the vehicle I bought and wanted feedback as to if it will sound good in the cab.
Four, Would I need a new battery/alternator and stuff?
Five, I found online 2 kicker solo-barics 10 L7's in sealed enclosures that could possibly fit under my back seats and how would that compare to this system. They guys at the place said they get distorted and such.

What are your thoughts and will this be a good system.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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