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Connecting sound card to home theaterPramodapple3
Cable sizing and methodsAndre Money1
Help pleaseBerny4
VHS RF to RCAFiachra Kenny4
Monster fires 120 emplyeesBerny2
1/8" (pc audio) to Speaker wire?Q1
Need to extend my speaker wires (not sure what to buy)Berny7
Good Subwoofer Cable..?Andre Money9
Cable to connect old tv (ie only Coax out antenna) with DVD??Berny2
Best Place(s) to Buy Quality A/V Cables Is?Andre Money7
Using TV As A Monitor For My LaptopEd Halse1
1992 Ford radio wirekyle robinson2
Hooking up speakers to computer - wire issue?Berny5
HDMI HelpArty-G4
Can Video 75Ohms cable be used for Audio.Pramodapple6
Audioquest sidewinders????mitchell william fel1
Composite as Component?David Massey4
S-Video cable qualitykyle robinson4
12 Yr Old Speaker Cables Getting Worse ? Arty-G6
Where could i get some cheap wire???kyle robinson2
Making your own cableskyle robinson5
HDMI setup?Wayne Phillips2
HDMI connection from DVR set top to HDTVWayne Phillips4
Should I buy HDMI cable?Wayne Phillips2
Is it better to use a coaxal cable or RCA jacksDavid Massey4
SPDIF to Standard RCABerny4
Component Video Cable QueryBerny2
Which is better DVI or Component?Jack37
S-video delimna from computer to TV hookupMohsin Rehman2
Component Video to 15-Pin RGB ConversionMKM78
Speaker jack to microphone jackGeoff Shannon1
Slugish & Pixilated HDMI to DVI channel changingChristopher M.1
Dvd to computer speakersJohn Lynch2
Interconnects & Banana PlugsBerny2
Connecting 3.5mm digital to Optical Digital (Creative Audigy 2 ZS t...Amit Bahree1
Digital coaxial to 5.1 computer speakers (3 plugs)Mc Sunny3
DVI 'Y' cable instead of an expensive switch?Gary Schaefer10
Component Cable Problem...eric warthold5
Digital Coax vs TOSLink: A difference that matters?Berny2
Accessories4less cables...a good buy?Berny2
A/V selecter kyle robinson14
Shorter the cable the better signal?Berny6
What guage are these?Berny4
Monster cable was it worth it?kyle robinson11
Online Electronics Cables/Speakers WireBerny2
Splitting Pre-amp into three amp inputs.Richard Raedeke1
HDA1 Upconversion via HDMI-DVI-RGBJim J.1
Trying to get best sound for all equipment. Help!Berny2
Convert TOSLink to 3.5mm for 4.1?Berny2
Code for SABC Free to AirBerny14
20 feet power cable David Massey4
Convert single digital coaxial cable to two RCADavid Massey6
Rg6 vs 22-4 sheilded jeremy thorn1
Does the choice of interconnect matter between amps in biamping?Arnold Felix Fabella1
What you should know before buying Audio CablesYo Momma198
Aspire 5000 link to TV ??Berny6
What metals are each cable made of?Berny9
Notebook to TV cable/adapter helpBerny2
Coax or 3.5mm for computer surround soundTodd21
5.1 to digital optical adapterBerny5
Coax input broke. RCA??David Massey2
Neutrik connectors too tightNorbert Nachbauer3
Three-Plug ConvertingE. G. R. Bennett, Jr1
Help! two-channel wire suggestions appreciated!John2
IS ab AB switch available for 5.1 Digital Coax?Gary A. Thompson2
AQ HDMI-X seriesD Singh1
QED v. Chordjamshedb1
Is Digital coaxial compatible with SPDIFAdrian Hofmann1
Headphone JackJim Kintzer1
TV works great HDTV component switchShayne Page1
1/4" (or) XLR to S/PDIF??JB5
Optical cable questiontonup19711
What kind of cable is best for video signal??Peter Fm5
Laptop Accessory Specialsit...LaptopAccessory1
Cheap - no, good but discounted, speaker wire!T Willis3
Logitech 5300s to dvd?Beyond tool2
Question about logitech z5500 and digital coaxial cable (also a cre...Beyond tool2
How To solder RCA plug and Stereo plug no have resistanceSue Lim3
Sorry if this is a repost but.....Debbie Kruger1
12v trigger cable wireDan4
Which speaker cable is betterBerny2
Toslink digital to RCAMark Graham1
I don't have to use a splitter, do I?Boyce2
Would like help on boosting cable signal strengthBerny4
How do I upgrade from factory speaker wire?tony gange4
Help, im an idiotMark Mastin2
Can I use RCA cables to connect component video?Mark Mastin3
TOSLINK-Fiber opticKenneth Hudson2
Quick Question.MrName2
Scart to componentJOHN S9
Cable for Sony Handycam TRV27E USB or Firewire or bothBerny2
Use of HDMI and optical sound cablesJoe Putnam1
Recommendation on Interconnect cablesGilles2
Digital Optical CableEric Ramsey4
5.1 Digital to Analog - HELP!Daniel Richards1
Single cable or shorter with interconnectsDavid Massey2
Component vs. Component - Does it matter?John Rojas5
'Up-Convert' CableBerny6
Coaxial, Cat 5 & Cat 6?Broken Antimatter1
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