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Why not turn up your gain more than half way?Anonymous1
Amp sound quality dependent on HU, or not?GlassWolf3
How do i hook up my car amp to a home stereo?GlassWolf4
What power guage? GlassWolf6
Thanks IsaacGlassWolf2
Sound probs..maybe amp??matthew9
Amp infoLand10
When is RE going to release their amps??? Help22
What size amp do i need for this subIsaac4
US Amps 3000 for sale.Land5
Which ampbass crazy5
Amp for 12" X.X.XHunter Warren3
Which would be betterAdam Lucacel5
Amp question isaacJake Davis2
Is this any good?good_bad1
How do i wire ?JeremyC2
Nakamichi sp-w120morphine1
Which amp isaacIsaac2
Quick speaker to amp questionIsaac2
Need desperate helpIsaac3
Amp for my 2 subsIsaac6
Need help with amp installationjose rojas jr.3
Amp suggestionsIsaac2
Hey Isaac!Isaac11
Alternator DeadJohn Smith20
Still need help choosing amps!Mark S1
I need helpJeremyC4
Which Is The Best?Eric Hughes6
Cadence or alpine asap plzmichael langley1
Amp for my alpine s subsMark S3
2 memphis 12" mojos - M1000D ampwaytwomanytattoos2
Just a couple basic questions...Isaac13
Question about kicker kx350.4Isaac11
Needing help on which amp will push theseryan r houck1
Volfenhag Amps!!!nghi dinh17
Help finding the right amp..BadAzzBowtie1
Adire Tempest 15" or Elemental Designs 16Kv.2?Sucubus3
Amp for mb quartCrozzno1
Very worried about amount of drawAnonymous5
Hi, i need someone who knows whats upLawrence Audi A4 2004
I just bought the coolest new Audiobans, need amp adviceIsaac5
1st gen Orion HCCA ampsBrian1
What amp should I get to power my 2 12" Brahmas?Anonymous4
What does it take to build a great amp?Isaac23
Please this any good?Isaac4
Help with choosing amplifiersMark S1
What amp?Isaac3
Alpine Type R 15" Ported Enclosure specs anyone?Mark S1
What Amp???Futureproballa@hotma2
My amp doesnt work please help.Anonymous1
Amps to subsAnonymous1
Good amp for less than $250 power 600 X 1Isaac14
Coustic 401SEcjhorvath1
Will a Mono Amp going to 2 subs overheat?Oleg Ni25
Heat Sink QuestionAnonymous3
Sealed or ported??GlassWolf3
Alpine Type R and JL W3Damien Roberts2
Which amp to buyGlassWolf3
Is it possible to run two remote wires?GlassWolf3
What amp/s for my 2 15's?Oleg Ni4
Is a kenwood KAC-424 good enough to power my tweeters?Isaac4
Opinions on JBL BP600.1 for $160?morphine16
What amp for JL 12W3V2 D2 ? Please helpPrajesh Prajapti1
Amp for 2 type r 12'sstephen causey6
First time sub buyer - any help would be greatly appreciatedOleg Ni16
Best Amps?Help217
Should I get a jbl 1200.1 or Hifonics brutus bx1000-bx1500 to power...Macdizzlez1
Best setting for 1200W amp and 1000W subsCarlos Torres1
Space for subs (glass)GlassWolf2
Amp to power 2 phoenix gold xenon 12sDarrell1
What amp do you have on your highs?GlassWolf2
Is the Jl 1000/1 powerful enough for 2 Image dynamics id max 12"?Help22
Help Rockford Amplifier for Type R Sub ! Fosgate Monster Audi13
Hey Glasswolf or anyone else what do you think?Andrew Rehmann10
HOW IS IT?Jason Coniglio1
Phoenix Gold Xenon ampsanon31
Matching amp with subsBranson Carlos Sherm1
Someone Help before I blowup something/someoneAndrew Rehmann1
Audiobahn ALUM12QWillie t8
When Bass Hits Hard, Subwoofer Amplifier Light Dims and Components...Andrew Paul B6
1000W ampJames T. Kirk7
Is the Visonik 800HC a good amp?Anonymous1
One question bout mono amp!!Damien Roberts9
Email me at jewelbags@yahoo.comAndrew Rehmann1
JBL GTQ400 amp..Isaac11
6 Speakers One amp...Oleg Ni4
MTX 801d or Hifonics BX 1000dTom Heistuman1
Alternator??Joe Robidoux2
Subs to go with a JBL BP 1200.1?Isaac7
Subs in paralleljesse apted4
How should i set my crossovers?Moorey2
Question about american bass ampJoseph2
Two 12" one 15"Mark S1
Which amp for the price?taylor172
What amp for 4 audiobahn speakers?djeter1082
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