How do i hook up my car amp to a home stereo?


how do i hook up my car amp to my home stereo so that i dont blow shyt up..also what do i do about the remote imput how do i hook that up and to what?

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You shouldnt really do that.
car amps are for cars....home amps are for homes.
Its not cost effective, and the impedences
dont match up.


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Hey Anonymous, the only exception is the sub amps. I've used car amps to power home speakers. It works just fine. Of course you will have to drop the ohms from 8 to 4. If not, you won't maximize the amp's power.
You can buy a cheap transformer, rectifier,and capacitor from electroinc store for around $35 that can be used with the amp.

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you'll need an AC to DC power converter that can handle the current draw of the amplifier.
This usually means at least 50A of current for most decently sized amplifiers.
You're looking at a pretty expensive power supply in that range if you want any sort of decent performance and you don't want to set your house on fire.

you'd be better off just buying an amplifier for the house.
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