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Keys for pansat 2500julie5
HelpHu Rider2
Pansat 3500s - Missing 132 TCMHu Rider2
Pansat 2500 & Fortec Lifetime Ultra Help !Tyler Durden11
Fortec Classic Na not workingTyler Durden10
Will my Pansat work with DishNetwork service?Hu Rider8
Digital satelite reveiver vs2000 platinumHu Rider33
Frying your receiver, with bacon and eggsthien cang14
NORW_122 Reboot fixRob Mika3
Iis it really trueGrim3
Captive works channel setupA rampersaud1
BEV and dn keysbill1
Linking DVD Recorder to Set top box/DVD PlayerVanessa Mee1
This one's tough...going to need an expert here!Eva Diaz2
How to fix password if u forgotBoyce6
Ariza 700 Channelsnorthman2
World Cup anyone?Eva Diaz6
Pansat 2700 148 bin or 271 binTyler Durden10
New To FTA DSS basic question.Tyler Durden4
Nagra 2Jason Borne2
Pansat 2500 LK2
Worked with new key but not anymore??LK2
Pansat 2700a problemArnaldo Tarrio22
Is there an Orasat fix enough said4
Having trouble finding signaljamie robert15
Bev down again?aanaa1
Digiwave Still Down...Please HelpJohn Paul1
Help neededLK7
Pansat 3500 - Only 119 no 110 channelsLK2
New Pansat Bin any good?parranda5
Cools@t 5000 Platinum?ron carrion19
BEV PPV and VenusJustin Fluff1
One satellite multiple receiversEva Diaz17
Sw44 setupice1
Ariza xtremetvaddict177
Signal quailtyTyler Durden2
Future of FTAjohny be good72
Does anyone have the latest bin file for Microyal MRX-1000 receiver?Babu1
How to fix password if u forgotsunny1
Fortec ultra binsunny3
Hughes x gracie fightIlchy Baby5
Does anyone know how to manually program a Spacestar DVB 5000Tyler Durden4
Dish N down again?electropunk11
Sites not working,good one to usejohny be good7
New keys not working?abu elshabab6
Is there a C**lsat 4000 fix?RUSTIN5
SPACESTAR 5000 Keep kicking out new keys 5/28/26rick weaver1
2700 problem switching channelsviet phan1
Help with 2700 for NewbieJohn4
I have a foretec ultraGrim2
Captive WorksEric4
How do I get Arabic channels?Stealth3
Pansat 2500 A 119 Channelsmike14
Picture quality?RCB3
Ariza 500Ali1
Dead Pansat 3500Hu Rider9
Best way for new bin install for pansatsTim1
Small little issue with Pansat 3500sd remotebill courtois2
Ariza Xtreme How To Enter keysTim4
How to program card reiciver for BEV?Tim3
Problem Need Help Hu Rider6
Pansat 2700A shutdown by itself...HELPDanny3
Can you input Manual keys for Ariza Xtreme?Nabjeit Gongeri1
Pansat not working please helpHu Rider14
Freeview TroubleJohn-Paul Simpson1
Sw21 question.....sam l6
Rex-I Patch & KeysMowafak Gabal4
Pansat 3500SD / Bev QuestionHu Rider1
Nagravision 2?danny d1
Lava 3200 receiverGustavo Yee1
Is Echo 7 Bev? and which one is Dishnet?Vini Domine2
Cools##t New Bin 1.21 for 5000 platron carrion1
Pansat INFO all here..and pansat clones and ultra'sLK1
Megasat ComancheJohn T Johansen1
Pansat Bin 271LK3
Multistar MS 2500 PFzaibaq ayash1
Question about Bell??Neurosis10
Satelite card fixhard knock1
Help Me PLEASETyler louis johnson1
Rex-I Autoroll Off?cross town1
Keymaster or keyfinder or what?Alan6
Different keys for bev bill5
IS NIMIQ 1.3 The same as Bev Keys?Alan2
Need help.......URGENT.....regarding viewsatAlan6
Jeepers dxSleym2
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