Digiwave Still Down...Please Help


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Hello There

For starters, I know because I have a Digiwave I should likely be on another site, or asking Digiwave owners for help. I have tried, and tried, and I only get smart-alik answers, and told off. So here I am.

I have a Digiwave 7000. It went down last Wednesday. It read Updating like most everyone else. I tried manually entering new keys all last week, and nothing.

I took it to my local dealer on the weekend, and spoke of the problems. He worked on it for about twenty minutes and said all fixed. I came home, plugged it in, and nothing!!

This time there was literally nothing. No channel guide, no channels, nothing. I tried to down load 110 for starters, and it kept crapping out on me near the end. Eventually, when it was at roughly 98% complete, I pulled out before it could crap out on me. The channels loaded to the list.

However, it still read Updating. Now, Monday, still the same thing. It just says updating. Now everyone with every other receiver has been told to turn the autoroll off. However, the Digiwave 7000 doesn't have that option. Figures!

Some nice people (on this site) spoke of loading a certain bin, that would give me an option to turn autoroll off. However, and this I know is where I seem hopeless, I don't know what you mean when you say load?

I had a Pansat 3000 (Clone) for two years, and would load the keys/bins myself when need be. I have the cable for that, and would do it. However, I don't have a cable for the Digiwave. Even if I had a cable, I would know what to do. I only had loaded the Pansat prior to this. That got hit the night of Couture/Liddell 3, and I was then told to buy this Digiwave 7000.

It has worked brilliant, untill last Wednesday. Now nothing but darkness. So, though there seems to be no logic for a cure, if anyone has any idea's, info, or think they can help, right now anything would be greatly appreciated.

I am just thankfull I subscribe to Bell, otherwise I would be in complete darkness. Sorry to have rambled on and on, and sorry again for posting about a Digiwave in a Pansat more friendly site.


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