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I have a SW21 switch hooked to two LNBs. pointed at 110/119. have updated the transponder numbers for each satellite with information from lyngsat. some of the transponder numbers are the same for 110 and 119. when I scan 110 with satellite scan (not blind scan) I get channels that say they are comming from 119. and also the opposite. I believe that the sw21 is set up right and I have designated "1" and "2" for each individual satellite and have rechecked the positions to be sure they are correct.I have them set though the LegacySW perameter on the reciever. I also have Disecq set to "off".

should the sw21 isolate each LNB as it scans from it so that it wont confuse the transponders from the other satellite on the other side of the switch? or does it scan from both LNBs to find the transponder numbers? could the switch be defective? or could Lyngsat just have the wrong numbers on there site?

could anyone (LK?) suggest a page that shows how the sw21 works?..I cant find one through google or
on DSS CENT. Is there a better site for finding the current trandsponder #s for each satellite than lyngsat?


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also, I have read that disecq are for FTA and sw21 are for dishnet. I am assuming that sw21 can be used on pansat2700a as it has a parameter for legacysw.

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Sam I,
Here is another site. I much prefer this one because recent changes are dated, so you can see when TPs are moved. Though I will say that they both match up 99% of the time. This site is updated by one individual, and some days they get backlogged when there are many transponder/channel changes.

You'll have to wait until someone else answers about the switch. Did some searching but found nothing on how they work. My guess would be that the switch is slightly defective. Still works but the signals from the two LNBs are slightly bleeding into one, thereby not distinguishing between the two sats (110 and 119) and their shared transponders. But that's just a guess.

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are you using a 21 or 21x switch?
you should use a 21x switch to hookup
the 119 /110
i have the 119/110 hooked up to a 21x and the output
and 148 hookedup to a 21.
have no problem at all
try this it should work.....

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U cannot use a sw21 switch on Pansat FTA receivers!...must use disque switch or DP switch (if U have DP LNB's)

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thanks... several people have told me today thay SW21 cant be used on pansat, that only disque will work. I know that I tryed using the newest bin I could find (X-87BL_060526_271) and it had a setting below "disque" for sw21 sw41 and sw61 ("legacy sw")
but it doesnt work right. i tryed isolating each lnb by disconnecting the others and doing a blind serch on each lnb seperately, and got all new transponder numbers for each (I created new satellites in the list named Echo110 and echo119 instead of using the others on the list) and got 42 transponders/656 channels on 110 and 32 transponders/777 channels (including audio) on 119. as soon as I hooked up both cabels to the switch again, it did a "transponder/channel update" and I lost all of 110. I'm going to try an old bin again and see if that will help. (or is there a way to turn off the updates?...i have all the autorolls off.) never had the "updates" until I used this new one (271) I've always used bin 121.

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