Ariza Xtreme How To Enter keys


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I got a new Ariza Xtreme. Can anyone please let me know how to enter the new keys for Dishnetwork.

I can not get the nagra screen to enter the numbers

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I feel your frustration..if any1 does know how..please let us know!

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no need to know there is a bin out there 1.223 just load it

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here is the there is no files out for ariza xtreme after may 24, we are still waiting...


go into the keys menu and delete all the keys except the 4 starting with 000101 these are the nag 2 keys you need

there are some that start 000001 and these are nag1 keys which are not needed so use the green button on them to delete the suckers.

there is also 248 empty keyslots ..them suckers are all loaded with just zeroes... delete all them suckers as well ...when you are done you will only have 4 key slots left and they will all start with 000101

now edit those keys by putting in the right key data

aaaaaa bb xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

aaaaaa is the provider (dishnet 000101)
bb are the key slots (00, 10, 01, 11)
xx the rest of the stuff on the line is the key data

00 is first half of key 0
10 is the second half of key 0
01 is the first half of key 1
11 is the second half of key 1

press ok twice to save and then press exit

this is a trick i stumbled on back in february when everyone was down and i was watching superbowl... it doesn't really turn autoroll off but it seems to keep the receiver from thinking it needs to look for keys

the way these units work is different than most other boxes, autoroll is off by default and only turns itself on when the video signal is lost due to a key change... then it rolls till it finds new keys and once pic is restored then autoroll turns itself off again.

for some reason those nag1 keys in there force the box to grab the wrong keys and then it goes into the autoroll loop for ever.


I also have BEV up and running you will see two more sets of keys in there 4 starting with 000801 & 000901... 801 is the nag 1 keys again so delete those suckers , you would only need 0901 as those are the nag 2 babies.
Key (00):
F3 59 C3 5F 1A DA 19 5C

Key (01):
71 9C 60 71 04 C1 39 AE (FIRST ROW ENTERED)
88 FF F0 5E D2 4C F3 FC ...(Active)

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