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Technics EAH-AZ70W Wireless Earbuds Claim Top Noise Cancelling

One of the most advanced noise cancelling true wireless earbuds on the market.

Technics EAH-AZ70W True Wireless Earbuds

Premium True Wireless Headphones

The new Technics EAH-AZ70W true wireless earbuds incorporate a large 10mm dynamic driver with a diaphragm composed of graphene-coated PEEK material, delivering rich bass and a transparent sound across the frequency range. 

An Acoustic Control Chamber within each earbud is precisely designed to control air flow and optimize the balance of each frequency, resulting in the energetic yet rich sound for which Technics is renowned.

The EAH-AZ70W headphones also claims industry-leading noise cancelling. Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology is composed of Feedforward and Feedback Noise Cancelling, capturing both the noise outside and inside the headphones and is paired with an analogue and digital processing for ultimate noise cancelling performance. Plus ANC is adjustable with 100 levels of sensitivity so you can let in the world as you choose, whether on a crowded commute or a long haul flight.

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Stable Bluetooth Connection is sustained even in the most crowded places. A proprietary antenna structure is combined with a Left-Right Independent Signaling System, creating a separate Bluetooth connection to each earbud for perfect sonic balance and maximum signal integrity.

Clear Call Quality is achieved via high-performance MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) microphones built in a unique labyrinth cabinet structure to suppress wind noise, improve noise cancelling and retain call clarity. Beamforming technology uses two microphones to further pick up speech and suppress ambient noise for the clearest possible calls.

Ambient Sound Mode allows you to hear external sounds while listening to your content, for those moments when you need a short interaction while working from home or on a commute. Switch sound modes by simply tapping the touch sensor to cycle between Noise Cancelling, Ambient Sound and OFF.

Technics EAH-AZ70W-S True Wireless Earbuds in Charging Case (Silver)

6.5 Hours Battery life with noise cancellation turned on during continuous playback. The included charging case offers two more full charges for a total of 19.5 hours of playback time. 

Voice Assistant Compatibility (Siri®/Google Assistant™/Amazon Alexa) is easily activated via the touch sensor. Touch sensor support for Amazon Alexa, or the user’s preferred voice assistant, can be activated from the Technics Audio Connect mobile app. Compatible with smartphones and tablets that are equipped with Android™ 6.0 or higher and that support Google Play™, or an iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® equipped with iOS 9.3 or higher.

Compact Design – Technics has meticulously designed the angle and length of the sound ports for maximum comfort, while maintaining sleek and compact design. Additionally, the IPX4-equivalent splash-resistant finish allows for listening in any environment.

Customize Your Listening Needs by installing the Technics Audio Connect app onto a mobile device. Easily pair and customize settings such as the level of noise cancelling from the app. 

Price & Availability

Technics EAH-AZ70W are available now for $249.99 in black or silver finishes.

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