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Rega Fono MM MK5 Phono Preamp is Amazingly Affordable

Looking for an affordable MM phono stage that will definitely not suck? The brand new Rega Fono MM MKV is here and well worth checking out.

Rega Fono MM MK5 Phono Preamplifier

You have to tip your hat to the folks at Rega. While the top turntables in their lineup are not exactly inexpensive, they remain committed to those of us who have their feet firmly planted in the entry-level and mid-tier high-end categories. The brand new Rega Fono MM MK5 Phono Preamp is a great example of that.

If you have not had the chance to read our review of the excellent entry-level Rega io Integrated Amplifier, I suggest that you go there next to have a better understanding of what this British hi-fi brand stands for.

Rega builds everything in-house and while there has been a wait this year for certain products due to supply chain issues and horrendous shipping costs, their products deliver excellent sound quality and value for the money.

Rega Fono MM MK5 Phono Preamplifier Rear

The Fono MM MK5 uses a fully discrete, cascaded, complementary amplifier input stage, a configuration designed to optimise the performance of your moving magnet cartridge. Now housed in a brand new redesigned case to match the new Fono MC and Rega’s latest range of electronic components offering a modern look guaranteed to integrate in to any hi-fi system.

The aesthetic design of the Fono MM was as important as the quality of its electrical capabilities, so it benefits from the same updated aluminium case as the Rega Neo and Fono MC amplifier, giving it a design which offers a familiar feel and moreover brings it in line with its illustrious bigger brothers.

The RIAA equalization has been split into two stages to minimise interaction. Polyester capacitors have been used in the signal path and polypropylene capacitors are used in the RIAA equalization circuits.

The Rege Fono MM MK5 is for MM carts only and offers 41.4 dB of gain which is perfectly fine for carts over 3 mV; think Nagaoka, Grado, Sumiko, Ortofon, and Audio-Technica.

Rega Fono MM MK5 Phono Preamplifier

We have some affordable cartridge recommendations you can read about that might be a good option with the £198.00 Rega Fono MM MK5. We’re awaiting confirmation of the $US and $CDN price.

This new external phono preamp is available now for order from Rega dealers.

For more information: Rega Fono MM MK5 (

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