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PerListen Audio Announces THX Dominus Home Theater Speakers

PerListen s7t Tower Loudspeakers pair with d212s subwoofer

Have you ever wondered about the loudspeakers used in your local AMC and how the loudspeakers in your own home theater don’t really offer the same dynamic range? Getting that level of performance in a home theater is very expensive. The performance gap between the two is about to change. PerListen Audio, a new audio company, today announced a new line of THX Dominus Certified loudspeakers and subwoofers for extra large high-end home theaters. New models include the flagship S7t tower speaker and D212s subwoofer along with an additional eight models for the North American market due out in Q2 2021.

THX Dominus is the newest high performance class of THX Certification that improves upon THX Ultra for larger sized home theater rooms up to 6500 ft3 (184 m3) at up to 20 feet (6 meters) of viewing distance. It’s an evolution of the THX standard to further enhance the cinematic experience in large home theaters with multiple rows of seating. Ultimately, that’s supposed to mean quieter whispers, bigger booms, and everything in-between in all seating positions within oversized home theaters.

PerListen D212s subwoofer lifestyle
PerListen D212s Subwoofer

THX Dominus certification requires minimum distortion at 120 dB sound pressure levels. THX Dominus speakers must also be sensitive enough to reach the cinematic THX Reference Level with THX Certified Dominus, and certain THX Certified Ultra power amplifiers. The 92 dB sensitivity requirement for THX Certified Dominus loudspeakers is the most sensitive of any THX loudspeaker category.

About THX Dominus

THX Certified Dominus is the closest approximation to a public cinema experience that you can achieve in your own home. Products in this performance class are built for larger spaces with multiple rows of tiered seating at a greater distance from the screen. THX Certified Dominus products must meet unique performance requirements in order to achieve cinematic output levels in a large home theater. The system must have a high dynamic range and play very loudly without sacrificing any clarity in listening rooms and the largest of home theaters.


THX Dominus Key Specs

  • Largest and most powerful THX Certified performance class
  • Ideal for use with immersive surround formats and 2-3 rows of seating
  • Optimal for rooms up to 184 m3 with viewing distance up to 6 m
  • Unsurpassed performance in 2-channel hi-fi listening rooms
  • Systems provide an additional 6 dB output over THX Certified Ultra systems

“From distortion-free sonics to overall impact, Dominus is a remarkable engineering achievement. It’s truly a privilege to work with THX on its home theater technology. PerListen Audio is the first company to offer the demonstrable benefits of Dominus to demanding music and movie lovers across the globe.”

Dan Roemer, chief executive officer of PerListen Audio

“We are thrilled to partner with PerListen, the pioneer in this space, to bring cinematic audio to home theaters. We developed the THX Certified Dominus performance class to fill even the most extensive home theaters with sound. Since we’re THX, these new speakers need to be more than just loud. During our rigorous testing process, we pay special attention to distortion levels at high volumes. With Dominus, we push this to the extreme to ensure the best output for hearing content as close as possible to the original creation.”

Peter Vasay, general manager and senior vice president, THX home theater division
PerListen s7t Tower Loudspeaker in white
PerListen s7t Tower Loudspeaker (white)
PerListen d212s subwoofer low angle
PerListen D212s Subwoofer (black)

Price & Availability

PerListen Audio claims to be the first audio company to include THX Certified Dominus in its product line, both in the US and around the globe. The company’s first loudspeakers are expected to be introduced to the North American market in Q2 ’21 at the following prices:

  • S7t Tower Speakers – $7000 each
  • S7c Center Speaker
  • R5t Tower Speakers
  • D212s Subwoofer – $5500 each
  • D15s Subwoofer
  • D12s Subwoofer

About PerListen Audio

Established by audiophile engineers with extensive experience at some of the world’s most respected audio companies, PerListen Audio distinguishes itself by implementing proprietary designs and technologies that enhance the listening experience, bringing home theater to a level typically associated with leading movie theaters across the globe. PerListen’s global footprint encompasses a design team based in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

About THX Ltd.

Founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas in 1983, THX Ltd. and its partners provide premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, in the home, and on the go. Over the past 35 years, THX has expanded its certification categories beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems and live entertainment. Today, THX continues to redefine entertainment, providing exciting new technologies and assurance of experiences which provide consumers with superior audio and visual fidelity and ensure an artist’s vision is truthfully delivered to audiences worldwide. THX Ltd. is owned by Razer, and operates as a fully independent subsidiary.

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