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Perlisten Audio Debuts 4 Audiophile Subwoofers

The new subwoofers are designed to augment the new Perlisten Audio Series S Speakers that are available for sale in the United States and Canada.

Perlisten D15s Subwoofer

Perlisten Audio have announced four new standard-setting subwoofers, including two with a unique push-pull design that utilizes cancellation of the second order harmonics to reduce distortion to its barely audible minimum. The new subwoofers are designed to augment the new Perlisten Audio Series S Speakers that are available for sale in the United States and Canada. The products are available from select dealers already and are THX Dominus certified.

“Contrary to the approach taken by some manufacturers, the design team at Perlisten Audio knows that a single approach doesn’t fit every home audio scenario,” said Dan Roemer, CEO, Perlisten Audio. “Knowing that every room presents opportunities and challenges, our subwoofer selection lets music- and movie-lovers choose the best design for their systems, with each sub representing the best performance and value for the price point.”

D212s & D215s

Perlisten D215s Subwoofer
Perlisten D215s Subwoofer

Combining the benefits of a push-pull acoustic suspension design with the exceptional engineering and aesthetics that are hallmarks of the Perlisten Audio brand, the D212s  and D215s feature two identical drivers – one faces up into the sealed cabinet and the other faces forward.

The push-pull approach achieves two clear goals: twice the volume displacement and cancellation of each driver’s harmonic distortions. 

The company employs Advanced FEA (finite element analysis) to reach Perlisten Audio’s high level of optimization requirements to create two woofers with 60mm peak linear excursion. Proprietary carbon fiber drivers produce extreme levels of bass without sacrificing total harmonic distortion (THD), resulting in bass response that is consistently accurate and powerful. 

Both the D212s and D215s epitomize flexibility through an array of balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a high-performance 3kW amplifier with 32bit ARM four-core processor with 48bit data path DSP. By using Perlisten’s powerful app, consumers and installers can fine-tune up to eight of the company’s subwoofers.

The D212s and D215s subwoofers are, respectively, $6,995 and $8,995, and are available in a premium high gloss finish, in black or white.

D12s & D15s

Perlisten D15s Subwoofer
Perlisten D15s Subwoofer

In addition to the two push-pull models, Perlisten Audio offers the D12s and D15s acoustic suspension subwoofers, both of which feature the attention to detail as the dual woofer models, but with a single, ultra-high performance driver in a sealed acoustic suspension design. Like the S7t tower speaker, all Perlisten Audio subwoofers are THX® Certified Dominus*, ensuring a qualified theater experience in the largest home installations. 

The D12s and D15s subwoofers are, respectively, $3,995 and $4,995, and are available in a premium high gloss finish, in black or white.

For additional information including complete specifications, visit

Perlisten D15s Subwoofer Rear
Perlisten D15s Subwoofer
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