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Jamo Unveils New Cutting-Edge Speaker Series

INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2007) — The “C” in Jamo’s new C 80 Series premium hi-fi and home cinema loudspeakers stands for Concert, signifying this new range’s design objective–to reproduce the dynamics of a live concert at home.

The C 80 Series is the true expression of Jamo: Class-leading sound quality, innovative technology, aesthetically pleasing Danish design and quality.

One look and consumers will know there’s something special about the Jamo C 80 line. From the stunning arc shape of the cabinet to the high-gloss top plate to the premium Black Ash or Dark Apple finish, these new speakers make a statement before they are even turned on.

Most importantly, the C 80 speakers deliver rich, concert-quality sound. Every technology in Jamo’s arsenal has been harnessed here for a singular purpose–not just to reproduce sound, but also to stir emotions.

Jamo has incorporated its best and newest technologies in the new C 80 models:

*Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT) — fully decoupled silk-dome tweeters for better high-frequency reproduction.
*Waveguide –a unique tweeter faceplate that fosters even sonic distribution.
*Hard Conical Cones — a distinctive woofer cone design that doesn’t suffer audible breakup at working frequencies.
*Centre-Plug — a replacement for the traditional dust cap, which allows for a more responsive and stable sound at high volume levels.
*Active Impedance Correction–a technique that enhances midrange clarity so voices sound clearer.
*Bi-wireable terminals–a feature on the C 809/807/805/803 that allows bi-wiring and bi-amping for improved sound quality.

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C 809, C 807 and C 805 Floorstanding Speakers
All three floorstanders feature a double bass-reflex port system to augment the bass and midrange frequencies. The top of the range, 3-way C 809 boasts two 7-inch woofers, a 7-inch midrange unit and a 1-inch tweeter.

The C 807 is an impressive 2½-way floorstander that delivers a frequency response from 24kHz down to 35Hz and is designed to handle a huge 360W peak power load, if required. The C 807 is a natural choice as a front speaker in any high-end surround sound system, yet also delivers a great musical experience with stereo sources.

The smallest of the three floorstanders, the C 805 is nonetheless a very high performance 2½-way speaker with two 6-inch drivers employed alongside a 1-inch DTT tweeter.

C 803 Bookshelf Speaker
The C 803 is a small, shapely 2-way bass reflex speaker that is expected to set a new standard for bookshelf speakers. With a 7-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, the C 803 also features Jamo’s unique Convex Tapered Vent, which reduces unwanted port turbulence and virtually eliminates port noise.

C 803 IW In-Wall Speaker
For those who love the sound of the C 80 Series, but want an in-wall solution, we’re pleased to introduce the C 803 IW. Sonically identical to the C 803, the C 803 IW is supplied with both a black cloth grille and a metal one that may be painted. Mix and match with the C 80 free-standing speakers to build a perfect theater.

C 80 CEN Center Channel
The magnetically-shielded C 80 CEN center-channel speaker comes with a practical rubber cradle, which allows it to be placed on a shelf or directly on top of a conventional TV. And, thanks to the cradle, it’s easy to adjust the angle of the speaker relative to your listening position. The C 80 CEN features two 5-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter.

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C 80 SUR Surround Speaker
The C 80 SUR is a dipolar rear channel speaker specifically designed for home cinema aficionados. It generates a diffuse sound, courtesy of a pair of 6-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters, creating a natural and spacious sounding acoustic that’s hard to localise.

To improve on the traditionally poor bass response of dipolar designs, Jamo has developed the unique eXtended Bass Response (XBR) system. This solves the problem by reversing the phases in one of the drivers and letting the speaker function along bipolar principals in the lower bass frequencies, which makes for audibly better bass quality.

C 80 SUB Subwoofer
The C 80 SUB is a front and rear firing subwoofer equipped with two 10-inch aluminium cone woofers at opposite ends of a closed cabinet. At the heart of this sub is a 1800W BASH amplifier, more than capable of meeting the needs of music lovers and serious film fans everywhere. The comprehensive selection of controls — all mounted on the front panel for ease of access — includes boundary gain compensation, a circuit designed to counteract room-induced distortion. Lastly, MFB, or Motional FeedBack, circuitry ensures you hear a precise and dynamic sound by comparing the woofer movement to the signals being received.

About Jamo
Jamo designs, manufactures and markets a range of high-quality consumer loudspeakers, electronics, control systems and accessories for the retail and installation industry. Jamo was founded in 1968 with focus on innovative technology and Danish design. Today, Jamo’s products are sold in more than 80 different countries including China, where there are over 100 company-owned and franchise Jamo retail stores. Jamo International is headquartered in Viborg, Denmark and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Klipsch Group, Inc.

Please visit the company’s web site at

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