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Idiot ...loledenman5
Need your personal opinionWes6
The Ultimate GuideLiveFTA.com3
Cool*at 4000 down any new keys or codes?hector rivera1
Help for the keysSatScanner2
Tps frequency11715 ~ 120xx on 119Evan Chen4
Is it possible ?SatScanner2
Channel Labels? Coolsat4000Nikk Mty2
PPV 455 not working,,,,, chelsea-manchester 2morrow :-((...andrew percy7
LK, Nalin Nyada, Sunnyc help me over herecricket maniac!6
S0nic view 8000HD update..lroy tipit1
What is the next event on PPV 472???cricket maniac!5
Connecting SKY Digital to PC's TV USB2 Card via RF cableLee Taylor1
Teja on Echo 3dsh4 sending out Demand letters...LK56
Im catching 119 on both wiresdope styzo15
Com ports,pansat and vistaNalin Nyda2
New Viewsat files today..... Really impressive.Jake Snodgrass1
Canadian T V shows from 10 to 20 ago?Joe Devlin19
Abu Dhabi Series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka 2007.Andre Toney8
Info link on the end of FTA as we know it Doreen2
Port Perry, OntarioSatScanner13
This is my next project !SatScanner1
Need some help plzzzzDoreen3
"Charlie is Remdeling"Albino Midget15
Sat today and the near futureSatScanner1
Echo Star 3 channelsNalin Nyda7
PANSAT 2500A Key issues. Pls helpNalin Nyda17
What is the purpose of Card Reader?LK2
Cop Bustedzulu1
Extreameview magnumzulu2
Problems with Pansat 2700EThe salvatrucho1
Info for Newbies.. learn about reciever hardwareDoreen1
I forgot my receiver password( galaxis 700 IRD) Doreen12
Channel editorDoreen2
Powersat ps 5orlando gonzalez1
How to get set up on Pansat 3500SDLK2
Were are they now ? Confermed or Rumors [who cares ? ]Mr. Bill18
DiSeqcs Vs Multi-switch ?LK2
Channel ListNalin Nyda35
TV helpOleg7
EPG @148Nalin Nyda2
Newbie questionNalin Nyda5
Dish not working after thunderNalin Nyda3
Quick QuestionAV3
Hashhu , Ftasource, Simplyfta ...stay away from!Lost_Boy95
My 110 and 119 situationNalin Nyda9*t is now Closedeatfish2
EPG @148SenatorS1
Dish not workingAbby2
How To Put in Keys Manually on a CS5000Ferrari Fire4
Two Viewsat Extremes Causing FreezingJohn Q5
Dish Network (New Channels)Nalin Nyda12
DVR for FTAEnas Filos16
USA Network and TNT SportsLK3
Scans (a quick guide)eatfish2
Bell Expressview direction in TorontoNalin Nyda2
Cools*t 8000HDNalin Nyda6
No or bad signalNalin Nyda5
Autoroll on or offEnas Filos15
Dead viewsatsLK2
Help with Viewsat Extremelroy tipit3
Pansat 3000LK8
LK need your help with fortec lifetime ultraEd13
Does the keys have changed??Mr. Skullz7
My Pansat 3500 doesn't startMr. Skullz3
Need south asian channelsMr. Skullz2
Pansat 2700 no sound?Mr. Skullz2
Help please/unloopers software?LK11
For cartier,aka fake satscannerSatScanner2
From the archiveSatScanner1
Getting startedmike13
LK : Need your adviceGladstone Clarke14
Globecast......does it work....will it ever? any keys?fast beatz1
Sonicview 8000 HD SV-HD8000King Tapeman13
Need help with my sky view rs 600Albino Midget3
Direct tv dishNalin Nyda6
Loosing some channels on BEV. Any Idea?Nalin Nyda2
PPVs are gone???Nalin Nyda42
Viewsat ProblemsNalin Nyda41
Pansat 2500A restarting randomlyNalin Nyda15
What am i doing wrong Nalin Nyda18
Need helpLK2
PPV 457zulu4
CW600sp, Remote is inop @ times.da-neegha3
For LK or Any other expert out theredave singh6
FTA HD Receivers for DNFtaLife.com16
FX moved to 136 on DNzulu1
bev and tp,sEd15
CS5000 bad or no signal messageNalin Nyda15
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