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Pro-ject audio 6.9 given to me for free!Frank Abela13
MM/MC cartridgeJan Vigne13
Get rid of this noiseJan Vigne2
Replacement Feet for Pioneer PL-518 turntableChris Webber1
Looking for Grace F-9E stylusBryce Ohneck3
Need help with converting a turntabel from 220v/50hz to 110/60hzJan Vigne6
Records Playing Reeeeaaalllyyy SloooooowKatrina P3
Only getting mono from a dual turntableD. Fonda5
Stylus UpgradeJan Vigne2
What makes a "good" tonearm good?Frank Abela7
Need Help Picking A Cartridge/Stylus For Technics SL1200MK2glenn eacker1
How do you tell if your turntable's direct drive motor is broken?Dale M. Wiley9
Ariston RD-90Charles Kim4
Technics SP-15 motor producing EMF?Jan Vigne2
Vinyl nutsRantz3
Pre ampStu Pitt11
Help me Make an Offer for a Rega Planar 3 & Elys Cartridge (what's ...Lovegasoline29
Needle 'skating' across recordJohn-Paul Doyle8
Mangled turntable Amber Callahan3
The Way Back Machine: Record Stores & HeadshopsGroovy3
Grounding wire connection?Jan Vigne14
Correction: SL-210 problemJames Hicks2
TECHNICS SL-B202 new, still in box, running slow!!James Hicks2
First Record Player--Need Help Setting Up Pioneer PL-518!Marc Sherman14
Shaving Fish -- Audacity is you FriendJames Hicks3
Anyone wanna buy my Ariston Q-Deck?Anonymous1
Turntable playback problemsDale M. Wiley32
WANTED: A part for a JVC L-A55 turntable: please help!d0pefish1
Signet a10 cartridge Imasyko1
Hum from phonoFrank Abela11
SL-230matthew delouise1
Technic SL-D303 TurntableDale M. Wiley2
Record Player speeds????Dale M. Wiley8
Turntable to PC drone noise.Steve Broderick7
Playing CDs thru computer....Walter Graham4
How to remove mould and deep clean grooves on vinylDale M. Wiley4
What is meant by "flat earth" audio?Frank Abela65
Anybody try that LP sample? Flat earthers?Steve Broderick1
Somebody kick me up the bumJohn A.11
How to Find Setting Info for an Old Cartridge?Steve Broderick19
Dual 721 direct drive spins fastPazhutan4
I need advice pleaseDominic Vautier3
Technics SP-15 Turntable - No Speed Control!James Zurek1
Dual CS503-2, Running fastJan Vigne2
PL 990 cartridge/stylus replacement questionDominic Vautier3
Rega P3 motor noise normal?Hubert Grimley22
Need dust cover hinges for JVC JL-F30 turntableAlf Zay2
DIN to RCA wiring questionAlf Zay4
Mono Styli, Mono CartidgesMono Phile9
Speakers click when record player arm resets, earth problemsJan Vigne6
Need help to hook up DP-52F turntableJon F11
Sansui 2050c turntableImasyko1
Phono, sort of... long long post a bit off topicSteve Broderick5
Changing my linear turntable belts????MALCOLM5
Connectting to Home Theatrejoseph coulson13
Need help with Technics SL-1200MKIIGreg Arlen6
Sony PS-T22 Direct Drive won't spindjyankee3
DynavectorJan Vigne21
Recording helpJan Vigne4
Sherwood ST-903 TurntablePeter Ranslow1
Record playerStu Pitt3
Thinking of getting a turntable...Frank Abela5
HELP - Cartridge and advice for Denon DP-52F turntabledougfrantz@adelphia.2
Sony PS-LX250H motor problemwilliam3
Do phono cartridges go bad?Frank Abela8
Technics SL-230 Turntable calibration light bulbDominic Vautier2
Question on a Pioneer PL-10BonerSenseless4
Scratch Windows Media Player....Billy Geiger1
Windows Media Player....Dominic Vautier2
AHA!!!! Cartridge malfunction!!!! (used up)Dominic Vautier5
Gemini PT 1000 needs new cartridges..what fits??Stu Pitt2
Technics SL1200 - Problem with changing out popup lighthansausdtschl2
JMW-9 problemTwo Cents5
Sony PS-FL1 - needs an adjustment i think?Anonymous1
Belt replacement on sony ps-lx250h please...i know it's been posted...Dominic Vautier2
Cartridge adviceFrank Abela7
Help, volume low on one channel from turntablerramakrishna6
Do i have a tonearm problem? Technics 1200M3DJan Vigne3
Pre-amp; turntable to CPU; Audio-Technica cartridgeBilly Geiger3
Rega P3 won't spin with platter onken johnston5
Rega p3, project rpm4 or music hall mmf-5amonar192
Concerning turntables and LPs. Simple things your father knew, prob...Billy Geiger47
Phono without phono input?Rick Zmiejko11
Problem with Thorens TD-166 MK2Ahit Dasgupta3
Taking the next stepJan Vigne5
Noise in the right channel only of a Technics SL-B2.Jan Vigne4
Dual CS 508Jan Vigne2
Recently bought a Dual 1214, having trouble finding correct needleBrooke Rebsamen4
B&O TX2 stylusjoseph coulson5
Belt change on Technics SL-J1Matthew Mccarthy1
Sony PS-LX40P belt come loose - how to put it back?bitterfame5
VPI Scout Denscout218
Garrard GT-25P help neededSteve Marshall1
Old turntable can't play new records?Jan Vigne2
Best recordsTwo Cents7
Sony PS-LX43P helpGareth1
New/Used Rega TurntableAdrian Purcell4
Phono for around $150Peter Ranslow6
Need Thorens Dust cover hingeduke1
Sound problemScott Silke9
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