WANTED: A part for a JVC L-A55 turntable: please help!


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I am just getting into vinyl and I have verrrrry little money, so I've gone with a cheap second hand JVC turntable - and L-A55.

It all appears to work fine apart from a minor(!) problem. Part of the arm assembly has snapped off, it looks like it was a little plastic piece. It's a little piece that sticks out of the main arm so that the curved platform thing can lift it up when the Up/Down button is pressed.

It looks like this piece is replaceable, its not very big. It looks like a little plastic piece that fits under the rounded joint section of the arm.

Here's a picture to explain:

The plastic piece underneath looks like it's detachable from the circular metal part.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone here!

Anyway, has anyone got an old knackered similar turntable that might have the part I'm looking for? Or even some suggestions as to where I might find a replacement? I'm in the UK - I can pay for postage and maybe a small amount for the part if you like - by PayPal or other etc.

You can also reach me at daleyo@gmail.com - thanks for any help.
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