Only getting mono from a dual turntable


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In brief, I was given a dual 1219 turntable. I purchased a TC-750LC pre-amp and hooked it up to my onkyo receiver. I get solid sound from the turntable, but only out of one speaker and I do not understand why.

As I am rather new or I should say newly reacquainted with turntables, I assume I am doing something silly. Any suggestions on things to check out would help a lot. Both the albums I puchased are new and as far as I know the shure stylus I am using is in working order.


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There are many possibilities that include but are not limited to: defective stylus, defective tonearm cable, defective phono output cable, defective preamp input/output...The list could go on and on through out the audio chain. Need to troubleshoot. I would start with the preamp/receiver and check speaker function by playing a CD/DVD, tuner or other source. Then I would move on up the chain to source. Methodology is up to you. Good luck.

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If you'er only getting sound from one channel, the first thing to do is swap the inputs from right to left. See if the working channel follows the cable or stays in the working channel on the pre amp.

If the sound moves with the cable, the problem is ahead of the cable; in the turntable or the cable itself. If the sound stays in the same channel of the pre amp's output, the problem is in the pre amp.

From there you trace in whichever direction is needed. It is not at all uncommon for the Dual tables to drop a channel due to a faulty connection at the point where the tonearm wires aer soldered into the more sturdy cables that lead out of the table. The Dual Tables also have problem with the connections up and around the catridge and headshell oxidizing. The connections need to be cleaned. If you trace the problem to the headshell area, first remove the headshell and put back in place. This sometimes makes a new connection that will get both channels working. It is not a fix but rather a diagnostic tool. You still need to clean the connections.


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Many, many thanks. I have tried two different pre-amps with the same result so I suspect that it is something to do with the dual. I have swapped out the stylus so I am hedging my bets on the cables.

Thanks so much for the quick and useful replies. I cannot wait to leave work to solve this vexing issue and to pass along the info to another friend who is having similar difficulties.



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Yeppers--another Dual 704 owner here. I've had this problem recurring for the past few years. I've had the table rewired once already, but this still happens from time to time. I suspect a tonearm problem of some kind, as I also get a loud buzz (not ground hum) from time to time than is fixed by very gently 'tugging' on the tonearm or gently repositioning the headshell (against the body of the tonearm).

Back to repair for my faithful dual. I love this table so much, I may buy another one used to guard against the day this unit fails.

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