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Hifonics txi 6406 4 channel in protect?Miichael Paul Bessie3
How to wire to 1ohmadam kiker3
Improving on a factory head? Honda Pilotsqcheap8
P3000.1Kevin Holden2
US Amps MD2... where to get one?Prime10
Need amp helpGabriel Garcia3
Pioneer any good??Walye Jahedi6
Amp Problem :-(...keith6
I need help finding an amp!!!!!rob swingleman5
2 amps for two subs?Nicholas Obando9
Question Phoenix Gold Mat Dope *****5
Amp size?Optidriven5
Profile AmpsOptidriven2
What amp should i get for my 10" type-x?Brandon Hebig7
Who fixes ampsI- Malik4
H.O. Alt to run Orion 1200d & Orion 8004?David Boring6
Amp questionWalye Jahedi3
Kevin hKevin Holden2
Jl audio 10w7Kevin Holden6
Audiobahn a8000t stable @ 1 ohm?juliob5
I need help with a car systemjuliob3
Empire Ampjuliob2
Any tips on tuning an amp...?Kevin Romano7
HelpAlex2 plzShane S2
RD Audio 2200.1s pecsKevin Holden9
Amp questionWolfman2
Im not overpowering am I?keith3 plzI- Malik4
Need help - amp problems w/ Nitro 1000WKristin Hansen24
Which budget 2 channel amp for a set of mmc6500s?I- Malik3
Is it possibledan.c5
MA AUDIO any good???I- Malik22
Is this amp good? overrated? I- Malik3
Fuse blowing in ampNicholas Obando3
MA audio???koz4
HIFONICS BXI1606D MONO 1600 wattloudblazer14
Mtx 4122 ampmike sand2
Hifonics GoliathTrent Butler1
Just installed my amp...Seth H21
Volt drop i thinkjones palmer5
HO alternator questionTroy Jones2
Earthquake D10, any one know of it?/\/\ike5
Selling my orion d1200 mono type dAlex7
Help with amp choice?Chauncey Brown2
Hifonics alterntativeChauncey Brown2
Legacy ampsChauncey Brown2
Kenwood KAC-9103D and How to wire questionMrbockbagok13
Kicker zx2500.1M.S.11
What all do I needM.S.6
What amp do i get???M.S.4
Wtf is intelli-q?Alex1
Need new amp for AA Havoc....kenwood sucksVC2315
Good amp for two type r'sOptidriven2
Amp Trouble... Please helpAlex14
Which AWG size ?M.S.7
Question about what amp to buyM.S.2
Ken Jones!!!loudblazer1
Question about Mono Amps...Ken Jones7
Amp problem!!! Help!!!keith2
Need a 12 in cvr for cheap!!Marcus Thompson5
Power Acoustik SL-2000DNVmyBOOM8
Need Helpkeith2
Amp for 12" type RKevin Romano14
How much real power should i expect to get out of these amps....Pit Bull3
Need Helpjuliob2
Hifonics vs. massive audiojuliob7
How much real power should i expect to get out of these amps....Pit Bull1
Lookin For a nice amp to power a 12HDC3 (yes the new AQ Hd3 that's ...Charlie Ried8
Which amp?s y6
Little Problem and question! Looking to sell trade and or buy a AMP...Kevin Holden7
Cant get amp set rightWalye Jahedi4
Amp problemWalye Jahedi3
Amp problemWalye Jahedi3
Will an orion 1200d work ok with a 12w7?David Boring5
Amp Killing My Car???Terry Fong4
Need help with a few questions I have for new systemnathaniel davis5
Any good?M.S.6
Need help with a few questions I have for new systemHayden Kahele1
Best way to hook up 2 12" type rkeith12
Amplifier ~1500wrmsjuliob3
Matrxx Audiojuliob2
Dz more alternator Volts = increased amp watts?? Optidriven3
Amp turn on delayed?Troy Jones4
How much for a bnib memphis 4kwTroy Jones4
Help with installkeith3
Can't get correct output voltage on my amp.Bobby McMillen6
New CrossFIRe amps for saleWrEaK HaVoC16
Mmats -Juggernaut- amp help!!!!!!!!!Rob4
Tuning ampCraig RR3
Which would sound better?? helpDerek Horn6
Bridging 4 Channels into 2 with 2 4 ohm svc woofersRich DiTieri5
Rockford Fosgate 400a4 good enough?juliob2
Aite guys... wut amp do i need?I- Malik7
NINE.1I- Malik7
Amp Ohmsroman c3
Subs forsale?Joey DeSalvo3
Subs forsale?justin loew1
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