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Alpine MRD-605 and alpine mrp-m650.juliob9
Orion 250-HCCA Question???Shane S17
Got a ?juliob2
What n the hells better?????????juliob5
Blown Amp; Replace or New System?juliob15
Memphis 16-500D????juliob3
Hifonics VS Audiobahn Amplifiersjuliob38
Pre out troubleAllen1
Opened my orionbassman338
Amp for two alpine type R 6x9'smat dope9
Rocksford Fosgate T8004 AmpEric Ramirez5
Good Amp for 2 AA Assassin 12'sjuliob9
Kicker sub memphis ampbassman342
Please help i want to hookup a car amp inside my houseTroy Stafford10
Which to choosebassman343
1 ohm stable help?????????????????????Showrides3
Kicker amp problembassman314
Amp questionbassman310
Playing with lower OHMSjuliob14
Amp Wiring Helpjuliob2
Should i get this ampbassman35
Should i get this ampchance wade1
My first system juliob9
Any good amps for around $300+-juliob7
Ok, so im stupid with 4 channel amps.Kevin Bosini9
Mtx 1501djuliob5 Holden18
2 amps to one subTiggerBoi8725
Need .5 ohm stable Amp.Kevin Holden14
Fried Amp?juliob14
Connecting a JBL PX300.4 Amp to A JL Audio 1000/1 Amp?two4fifteen2
Any reputable JL audio sellers that you can recommend???Jexx3
What 2500w RMS amps are out there?juliob5
Budget Amp to Hold Me Over!juliob5
Wow, i really need help with a amp!!juliob10
FOR SALEMatthew Lee16
New amp doesnt work either :-(...Polo4
Best amp for kicker solobaricTyler Wayne Fletcher4
Best amp for kicker solobaricdanial malik1
Which 10" sub digital designes or ascendant audioDustin10
Suggestions plzSteven Norris6
JL 10W3v2 Subs and JBL BP 1200.1 Amp FOR SALElawrence calvert5
Sx900.4 for saleCameron7
Aright guysTroy Stafford14
Power questionJexx2
Total Mobile AudioAndrew4
Tricky 1/2 ohm wiringOptidriven4
OT: Car neon lighting...Help!Troy Stafford12
Amp suggestion for 10'' plzctmike3
Amp upgrade for 2 12" Assassins.mat dope20
Jl audio systemmat dope5
Which Amp Is better?Eric Ramirez5
2003 bmw 5 series stock ampflyboy1
Phoenix or jl audio ampblkwardog17
Powering type-rZulkir17
RE XXX 15"Andrew12
RF subs and A8002v ampLouis H3
Anyone Knows Of A AmpTyler Renkiewicz7
Amp kicks out, then turns back onmatt stuczynski5
Do I Need To Replace My Inline Fuse?Jexx2
Connecting REM Wires?Joe Spose7
Any opinions????Deuce Moore8
What happened???eddie arambula7
Best amp for 2 12L5 kicker DVCGabriel Garcia7
Amp for two SSI'sPolo4
Kicker 1200.1's for salebassman35
Amplifier power questionbassman32
Wiring two amps into one sub?bassman39
AmplifiersNate So2
AutoTek Amp Bmat dope3
Need an ampAntonio Martinez III1
Earthquake Amps?aLeX1
Amplifier kicing on then off then on.....Tyler4
Need an ampjames otto1
Best 10" subs out there?DUB C40
Which is the better subYanks Fan3
FS-Orion H2 15.44--------•3
Memphis or ascendant audioTroy Stafford14
Question about hifi soundhomercleeze1
Amp Wiring HelpSW91522
Please take a look at my setup. AMPS Related[...Rovin...]16
What does sync in and out mean on an ampSW91523
Rockford amp ratings?SW91526
How to i do this? Mike5
How to test sub to see if its blown or notTyler11
BIG PROBLEM!!!!Tyler31
Go0d bad okS.P.D7
Soundstream or HifonicsTank65858
Another Alpine Type-R Sub... will my amp power both?[...Rovin...]8
REM Questionbassman35
Sh!t, It Stopped Working Again! HelpJoe Spose17
In Need Of A New Amp, Suggestions?marc5
Pyle Marine Amp's Not Powering Up marc3
Amp keeps blowing fusesJexx2
Not Sure Which Amp To Get??Jexx2
Need an amp to push 2 - 15" Eclipse 88150.4 subsMick6
Looking For An Amp Help PleaseJoe Spose1
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