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Can i run it like this?killer10
What kind of box i need for a 12" RE SXbaseball118711
Should i get 1 or 2 amps??Mitchell Stone9
Ohm LoadRobbie Brown4
Can 2 15" Kicker CVR hit 150+db in the right setupDustin3
Box Shapejake papa4
My first boxlogan till19
LOC reccomendations...NE$TER13
Box covering material .'~DAYE£?~'.2
2 12" poineer's in bandbass boxChauncey Brown4
Best AmpChauncey Brown11
2 10" type r or 1 12" type r [...Rovin...]3
RE sx15 in an isobaric configuration?Polo3
Want 2 replace subs HELP!Anonymous5
High current subs (audiopipe 1200)dougls j rowland2
MY SYSTEMdougls j rowland8
Cousin selling me MA AUDIO HK12X2 competition subwoofer!james caroll8
What is wrong with Orion?mikechec97
Pheonix goldB2
Could i fit a 15"B2
Hey alteraudio....Josh6
Sub comparasonalteraudiousa19
Upgrading subwooferCasey Wood7
SUBS HELPMichael T Mays7
Safe to take off amp case?ty mutlow6
Help Recommend me some subs for 2 - aw8002trochester25801
Atomic apoc APSPL'sJarvoCop3
2-10s on a monoblock?Pelon10
How does lowrider car charge all them batteries?Pelon2
12" ArsenalsTrevor Eaton4
Diamond audio subsSteven Sudzina7
Avalanche T/S parameters?Trevor Eaton10
Wiringmazin abdullah15
Powerful 15"?Matt Kitzis14
Alpine Type Smartin wright8
Can i "retune" my box? - kinda technical but i think it will work...Terry64053
What sub?Casey Wood36
Mono pre- outsNOL1M1TSOLD1ER3
First picsTerry640530
Amp on, but subs arn't workingNOL1M1TSOLD1ER3
4 X 10Jake Chesley10
Atomic apoc APSPL'sStackn Bucks1
2 12 jlw0Alan6
Running Ports Through Rear Speaker Openings?Trevor Eaton7
DD 3515 box helpB5
This ugly lookin box is louder with one sub!Polo5
Would this work? RE and MemphisColby2
How many watts can a 15" RE SX take on burps?Trevor Eaton2
Electrical HelpGlassWolf8
Good dummy load, right?B13
Ported vs. bandpass?GlassWolf7
Glasswolf or jonathan, somebody, i have an ideaGlassWolf3
Truckty mutlow3
Xsite Subsjake papa4
Insulationdougls j rowland3
FINALLY PIC'S OF MY INSTALLdougls j rowland22
Kicker L7 BoxDaryl Blackston12
What you thinkYoung James3
Kicker CompsNight Mirage32
Alpine type r's VS ascendent audio arsenal's Sean Gibson5
Best Subs for under 150$Sean Gibson33
Does box size make a difference??Trevor Eaton5
Need enclosurescuba steve5
KickersChauncey Brown47
Time for a new boxJarryd Lancaster6
Will it sound louder?Greeney18883
Looking to buy re sxGreeney188819
KickersTim parker1
12 inch sub cut out[...Rovin...]2
Tuning a sub boxS.P.D7
Hey Balteraudiousa4
Best Subs for the Money?Sean Gibson6
To port or not to port?Mitchell Stone8
Gauge of wireB6
Crystal component sets.'~DAYE£?~'.9
Thanks a lot to Sneakyone!!!Sean Gibson7
Whats my box tuned to?»»» DrUnkBoB «««11
SQ - 12w3v2 vs UR 10"Big Sim4
Hey GlassWolf! I'm concerned!MO28
Good songsPelon20
Why does everyone hate L5?GlassWolf7
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