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I just now finished purchasing everything for my system, and I would like to thank everyone for all your help. Iv'e asked many questions and have gotten many replies and this is what I came up with.

-Already have a pioneer h/u dont know model # (will upgrade later)
-Ascendant Audio 12" Arsenal
-Will build custom sealed box 1.45^3 ft. wraped with vinyl
-Directed 1500d amp feeding the sub 800w @ 2ohms
-Polk momo 5.25" components
-Directed 500/2 amp feeding comps 125w each
-All knukonceptz wiring 2&4 gauge

Hopefully everything will come next week so next weekend I can start.

I plan on making a little amp rack with 2 shelves to hold the amps. Also, leave the back speaker holes empty and cutting a few more holes back there to port the trunk into the cabin. What do you guys think of this setup?? Any suggestions you have when I install it? I will take pictures and post when I'm finished.

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Make sure it don't rattle lmao. Nopthings worse than goin down the street and cranking it up and all u hear is rattle!!

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yeah I'm going to need to get some dynamat soon too

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looks good; I see you got some good advice. =D

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It's always nice to see someone buy good quality stuff, hook it up, and be amazed at how loud just one good sub is with a good amp. And how much better it sounds compared to all their friend's Sony and whatnot setups... Makes me feel all fuzzy inside... :P

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Username: Matt12490

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haha thanks except everyone has PG at my school cuz thats what they sell at the local shop and they think its the best thing ever!

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Trinidad & T...

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better they have PG than crap like boss,pyramid who some ppl believe r the best brands ever -lol.......


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Username: Miriamrowland

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yea man stick with the good stuff
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