Glasswolf or jonathan, somebody, i have an idea


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ok, this is an idea generally aimed towards SPL.

Well, what if u was to get an amp thats puts out say, tiwce ur subs RMS and hook it up to ur subs but on liek a posivtive output of ur amp, put a rehostat(however u spell it). Turn the rheostat down to half way point so ur sub will recive its RMS then whenever u compete u can turn it up full and burp it at twice the watts. Is this possible?

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You already have something that accomplishes this. It's called a volume knob.

All you need to do is determine what level on your head unit would allow the amplifier to provide RMS of the sub on a 0db tone. Make a note of what this level is, and don't exceed it. Then burp away when you want to.

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plus some amps like Alpine's V12 and Zapco's C2K have features that allow you to trim the output peaks to match your speaker ratings, to avoid overdriving them.
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