Cousin selling me MA AUDIO HK12X2 competition subwoofer!


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Okay the other day my cousin went to mobile one and bought a MA Audio HK12X2 competition subwoofer for $250 in a ported box. He came to my house today and said he would sell it to me for $150, i know its a good deal but will one of them be enough for a car like a chevrolet impala. Remember the max watts is 3000 watts so will it beat down the block?

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...dont run it at the max watts, you'll break it...Plus your alternator wont be able to run an amp that puts out 1000+ watts.

It'll be a fine sub for your car, run like 500 watts rms to it and you'll be pleased.

There wont be much SQ but it'll get desently loud.

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MA subs arent that great; the amps are better. I wouldnt buy it from him, he tryin to sell you his junk. =D

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that sub will get veryyy loud is powered'll have to upgrade ur alt..amp wont be that cheap..and they arent very reliable. the sq sucks and it wont last long at all

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why would someone buy something for 250, then the next day sell it for 150$??? Thats bad business on his own part.

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^^Same thing i was thinking

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"made" a profit of -$100

maybe some1 told him that he bought poo & decided 2 cut his losses early ....

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Look im going to say it like this.
he didnt actually (---PAY---) for it but it is brand new and he got it from mobile one. But like i said he will be making profit from it if u know what i mean.
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