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ID MAX 12 v.3 vs. Eclipse TIChauncey Brown2
Whats a jumper wire?joe ruskowski3
Off topicChauncey Brown11
Sub questionalex5
Woofer enclosures in canadaDerrick Moreau3
(Quote)Two 10" Eclipse Ti's with 1.25cu/ft. sealed is the best...Jake Hill22
Best 10" For Full range of Music* Rovin *13
Chauncey BrownMatthew Lee1
More off topic engine questionsucfsaxman3
Who are the top ten James Longo40
When YOU tune your amp jonathan or other experts...Trevor Eaton10
Dynamat questionAGG441
Small sealed enclosure?scuba steve7
Nice subs?logan till8
Fast Help Buying soonThomas White4
Not car audio..but need help with klipsch subwooferblaine westropp1
Which sub is better?? JL Audio or.......ucfsaxman4
JL vrs kenwood vrs sonyucfsaxman17
Terminal cupJesse1
W6v2 sealed enclosurecharlie1
Sub box for my trucklee h1
CSX for salejake papa4
15" Comp. VR or 15" Treojake papa10
You guys got any suggestions* Rovin *23
Guys check this out quick!!!!killerzracing7130
Image Dynamics for budget SQ?* Rovin *2
8w7 oppinionsTroy Amon9
Brahma ampAGG4413
Has anybody heard the Clarion Signature series yet?Bryn Mountford1
Who here has car audio in their house.Pimp31
Alpine type X or RSean Gibson9
Making a sub box, any programs to help?Anonymous1
Optimum sealed enclosure for infinity perfect 10.1Stanley Baker1
Which sub is better?? JL Audio or.......Anonymous2
Enough Juice?Jay B.3
Questionjake papa5
Errr.... Slight Port NoiseAndrew3
Good or bad port idea???SiX7
Another QuestionThomas White4
Afraid to damage/break my subwoofer, it vibrates muchoJay B.2
Best subs?Casey Wood9
Which are betterjake papa9
Knacko I could use your helpsean2
I've Been Wonderingbaseball11875
Sub wiringlogan wineinger1
RE audiobaseball11872
Opinions on Audiobahn EternalsChauncey Brown11
Happy New Year !!!.....Dan the man21
Blow through box? please help!highdroblower1
This is mikeGreeney1
Need RecomendationColby3
The schit family....youll love this joke guys* Rovin *3
Help with my subs' specsJames28004
Re subs Dan the man3
What ever happend to Glasswolf?bassman317
Top 10 best SQ subsTroy Amon18
What is better??alex2
A transmission line enclosure that fits in a car check this outJcash7
Jl or infinityHelp_25
Pioneer Premier Subs- Good or Bad?Michael Lazott7
Re subs Steven Sudzina1
Coustic and MemphisAlexis6
Casey Wood Pioneers better I think Alphine vs Premier Lets get Somo...blaine westropp7
What box?Anonymous8
Need help wiring my system* Rovin *21
2-ohm Alphine Type r's 12inch vs 4ohm Alphin Type r's 12 inch* Rovin *8
Premier TS-W3004SPL Sub Whats best amp for itPimp6
AudioBahn AW1205N or Alpine Type-RPimp5
1992 Camaro Rs F-body Sq Spl Dont matterPimp8
WanTooBuy: 15" Comp VRChauncey Brown12
Powerin the subsAM12
Distortion ??NE$TER4
Open for recomendations on semi-audiophile system.....Kevin James Ross4
Box for Alpine Type-X suggestions?Garrett Rein6
2 15" compvr vs. 2 10" L7's JK17
Jumper location for Alpine Type-X????Garrett Rein4
Undervoltingscuba steve3
What hz?scuba steve4
House Speakers in Jeep Cherokeescuba steve10
2001 Kicker COMPSDan the man2
Problem with FusesBrandon Moody7
Interfire Amps - any good ?JK20
What is the nicest affordable sq sub with low power requirementsAlexis LUCE50
Today the last day for the RE group BUYAM4
Never used themJames28006
Need Help with Systemtom larson5
Need AdviceBrandon4
Box Tune SitesAnonymous3
Sorry to throw this hereTrevor Eaton4
Enclosure pros read...Dan the man9
Glass is back! Hurry to Amp Forum lol...Jake Hill17
Does anyone know when the new XXX comes out?Casey Wood3
Looking for a good 6" subsean12
8 ohm sub and 4 ohm ampty mutlow13
Box building help pleasekoz8
Can someone show me how to wire 2 DVC subs at four ohms to one amp???Kevin James Ross5
SETH LOWE... Anyone able to contact him?Simon J Casey6
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