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Jl audio amps Chad Lee5
Exile amps....who knows em?/\/\ike5
Please help, I'm CLUELESSblaine westropp3
Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP on EBAY / No ReserveMO1
Amp problemsChauncey Brown2
Would this work* SuperFly *5
What amp do I need? HELP!*SuperFly*6
Does any1 know why??*SuperFly*8
RE or KickerDustin Pettit3
WILL THIS WORKmarshall white4
Component speakers and 4 ch ampChad Lee5
One amp smokes, the other is fine!Brian Tucker6
What amp to drive 2-12" Punch HX2 subs?Jeff Germann1
NEED ADVISE!Jesse Jones7
Getting JL XR650-si components, now i need an amp.brandon jus8
RE 12.1 PricingIsaac W.2
Better amp?Isaac W.5
4-Channel Wiring Questionty mutlow3
This amp any good?ralph ballesteros5
This good amp?Chauncey Brown2
Kicker audio*SuperFly*2
Best amp for JL subs besides JL*SuperFly*2
Amp for a pair of infinity perfects?*SuperFly*14
2 OHM OR 4 OHM*SuperFly*9
KICKER KX1200.1Chad Lee3
Orion 4002?*SuperFly*4
PLEASE HELPblaine westropp14
NEED HELP!!!!!!!ty mutlow7
JBL BP1200.1marshall white8
Boss Amps*SuperFly*5
Amping front speakers and subs???Chad Lee5
Need amp for Diamond MacDaddy 12"*SuperFly*3
How do you know about power ratings?*SuperFly*3
Kicker 2500.1???*SuperFly*4
10w6 or 10w3 and what amp???Brandon3
Did i make a mistake getting my ppi white art seris ampJake Davis4
Factory pressed dvd movies, ps2 & xbox backups for sale !!!Anonymous2
Phoenix Gold PG Bass CubeD Block1
Alpine type-r or infinity kappa perfect?Bryan Swegman6
Memphis Power ReferenceMaddrakkett1
Viper 2500.1 any good?Mark S8
Good lord. I hope you all read this.Eric Sony4
Just to set things straight..........joe ruskowski14
New systemSiX4
Old PPI Amplifiers....MO3
4 channel ampCee Jai Bernard8
Ive heard about more RE amps?marshall white3
Paralel or Series?Steven Stevens4
JL audio 1000/1two4fifteen3
Amp Installation (rookie)Cee Jai Bernard5
Amp Shopping.....Need Info*SuperFly*6
Got everything but ampsMichael Reynolds5
Possible amps to power 1 JL 12w3v2Michael Reynolds23
Stinger crossflow fans??Thomas E Miller2
Best Amp for 300 Dollars? 500/1 Overrated?Fashiongal19
Ok I've decided...check it out.Tyler21
Amp for L7, please help!!Jason Thornton8
Good amp for under 350SuperFly5
RE amps?SuperFly5
Anyone heard of viper amps??joe ruskowski1
Wire to Usety mutlow2
New AmpChauncey Brown8
Would this be a good amp to:ty mutlow15
JL 300/4 low volumekal5
Whut amp should i use?SuperFly2
Will this amp work?? please helpSuperFly4
Sony Xplod Multi channel ampChauncey Brown6
Still searching for GM -A200 Manual/wiring diagram/any infoaaron4
This is funny about Boss ampsSuperFly3
Amp for RE SXmarshall white5
Concerning Power RatingsaLeXv3055
PPI 1500.1D + Two Kicker L5 15s = ???aLeXv3051
Anyone have the Audiobahn A8002T?joe ruskowski10
1000 wat subsCadillacDb4
What Wattage should i use to run this ALUM12NaLeXv3052
Will this hurt my ampCadillacDb9
Premier PRS-X720 with Kicker Solo-Baric '02 S15L5Ian Schmitz2
Kicker KX or SXBIG ed4
AMP For SWXThomas E Miller27
Best amp for 2 JL 12w3v2 ?SuperFly2
High Vol. DistortionTyler5
Best amp- avalanche 15"James Longo12
Need help with amp selectionJames Longo2
A Watt is a Watt!mikechec944
What amps can your strap????blaine westropp5
PPI vs. Kicker for L7Jason Thornton1
Average price 4 0 gauge and distroblock/\/\ike6
Two amps into same subsMoot9
Help with amps pleaseblaine westropp7
Its Electric!12 oUnCe MouSe10
Orion or Phoenix Gold Amps?Chauncey Brown3
What Size ALT?SuperFly2
Transformer or choke coil on 12v supply?Anonymous1
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