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Which amp to get for my fosgate speakers(want quality clearness)...dan dyspros21
What wire gauge and how much amps???GlassWolf2
Problem with my switchHydro2
Can I Hookup one 4Channel amp to 2 Subs?Hydro2
Alternator guestion for GlassWolf or anyone else who knows.Michael Bates30
Here is how to hook up amp to a stock deck.Tiggy1
Amp Upgrade HelpGlassWolf4
Glasswolf Come hereGlassWolf2
Testing amplifiersGlassWolf4
Will this Sony amp and this Kicker 12 work togetherloud and low9
Building an ampGlassWolf3
Is there any way to add an alternator to my truck??? Att. GasswolfGlassWolf4
Can u connect 2 subs with speakers to one ampGlassWolf2
Clean Sound and Loud Bass!!!GlassWolf3
New fosgate ampsGlassWolf2
Questions about my ampGlassWolf2
Help please amp and subsGlassWolf5
Jl 1000/1 or Rockford Bd 1500.Keith P Revella7
In-car satellite TV.. GlassWolf1
4ohm and 2ohm GlassWolf2
My amp wireGlassWolf2
Come see the real GlasswolfAnonymous6
Bass RemoteStez_Head1
Crunch stez head2
The right amps for componentsGlassWolf7
Car Amp HELPGlassWolf3
Profile ampstez head2
2ohm wiring Keith P Revella3
Rockford Power 650 on Ebaystez head2
Amp wiringMuzikInstaller11
Power?Dr Crankenstein8
Input on my ampGlassWolf3
Oldschool Rf Power 75 amplifierMichael Bates4
Strong amp for a diamond tdx 12?Keith P Revella4
Little help on remoteGlassWolf2
Overall bestGlassWolf2
Amp is on but no sound from subschrisc3
Money problemsGlassWolf2
This is most likly the best question ever asked on this message boa...GlassWolf2
Places to buyDr Crankenstein6
HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!Dr Crankenstein3
Lil bit of help...GlassWolf8
Are all amp wiring kits equal?GlassWolf4
5 Channel amps. Are they any good?GlassWolf4
How easy to install a second amp?GlassWolf3
HE2 VS Hx2GlassWolf4
Pioneer GM-200A wiring diagram?Damir Birovljevic5
No powerAnonymous3
How about the brand ( amp)Hydro3
Pioneer 6x9sGlassWolf2
Earthquake AmpsGlassWolf5
Bass on a budget HELPGlassWolf3
This is for navigator sitting on 24'ssalvatore lositto26
Battery life.GlassWolf6
Amp helpMad8
2 channel bridged amp driving a 2 ohm load? Pro Help NeededMichael Bates113
Question regarding new car/system hookupwj946
Will a Kicker Kx600.4 work well on my 2 300 watts subs???GlassWolf4
Amp High-Pass InputAnonymous3
Planet Audio tt1250D Vs. Hifonics Brutus 1500d.its_bacon127
Protection light comes onGlassWolf4
COUPLER??daniel stan1
Rockford fosgate vs. kicker tpfimpulse55
JBL B.P. 600.1 good for two type-r 10s?its_bacon125
Need someones helpGlassWolf3
5-amp question...opinions & advice, please!GlassWolf7
Alphasonik Michael Bates4
What type of amp should i buy??GlassWolf12
Can a JBL 600.1 run in 1 ohm???GlassWolf2
Ear Candy - Old School 8002Hydro2
I dont have a clue !!!!! what amp to use.Soundbite8
I got the best thumpbig tyme56
What is a good 600 watt class D amp that will work at 1 ohm???glass...GlassWolf2
Help with amp specsGlassWolf4
Can i run a KX600.1 in a 1ohm load???GlassWolf2
Amp Upgrade HelpGlassWolf3
What do you recommendGlassWolf17
10W0 on 200 rms?GlassWolf3
If I run this...will i need one or 2 caps?GlassWolf4
Memphis 1000D and 4 audiobahnsGlassWolf2
OK, where/how to mount the darn things...?GlassWolf2
2 amp hookupryan1
Eclipse vs. PPI vs. Soundstreamedster92212
Hey glass...or any one else, Lanzar Vibe 248???GlassWolf6
using one bridged channel to power 2 subsBilly meyers19
Crossfire Amp problem...GlassWolf6
Amps not workingLOST10
Subwoofer Wiring HelpGlassWolf9
Hi,..guys,..Need Help here,...!!! :Pballer4
Is it really possible/desirable to...GlassWolf5
Help Hooking up amp, speakersGlassWolf2
Amp setupAnonymous5
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