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I have a Kicker 2 Channel amp. It's 30x2 at 4ohm or 60x2 at 2ohm. I want to run 6.5 components at 2ohms off this amp. I understand to get a 2ohm load both speakers should be hooked to one channel. But that way the sound is only coming out of the right or left channel correct? So i lose my balance. How should I wire the amp so it sees a 2ohm load using 2channels and two speakers? Thanks

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It depends how many ohms you components are.Your components are suposed to run of 4 to 6 ohms subwoofers are mainly only suposed to run of 2 ohm. Or you could get a 2 channel mosfet amp (50wX4)but i wouldent because most components are only usually running of about 30 watts per min and thats pretty loud.

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John what kind of components do you have? whats the ohms on them. I have a couple of sets of diamond Audio hex components they call for 120 wats rms,and they need oll of it, 30 wats for components is nothing, think your stock deck gives out that much. Stez dude what components are you running 30 wats to jensen. second the only way to drop the ohms on the components is to run them in series like dvc subs, and components arent ment for that. Dont listen to stez no offense but he dosent no what hes talking about. Find out what your components call for rms power, and thats what you want to sent to each set of components, dont try to drop the ohms. Get a stronger amp.
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