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Honestly, I know jack about car audio. I just started getting into it since I'm getting a new car and wanted to hook up a system. I'm getting a 2001 mustang with mach audio system. So I'll break this down as simply as I can:

1. Will it cost more to have the system installed since they'd have to take out the mach audio system? Or should I just leave the speakers in and save myself the money on those? I'm not sure what the exact specs are on the mach speakers.

2. Would 2 12" Infinity 1230W subs and a Rockford 801S 800W or a Profile Clarus 1200W amp work well together? I've heard good things about both, but I don't know if there's any real compatibility problems or loss of quality for crossing brands.

3. With a whole system installed (head unit, subs, amp, speakers) would I need to do anything to the alternator? The factory warranty is almost up so I don't want to be stuck paying $500 for a new one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Machs? Profile Clarus?? Where ja get these stuff? Best to change the speakers because I doubt once you change to your Rockford Amp, it ain't gonna take it. You could have a look at the Infinity Kappa range. It's what the pros in here normally recommend. If you're gonna go for 2 channel amps, I'd look at either the Kicker 02KX120.2 or the JL Audio JL300-2. Rockford just ain't what it used to be anymore.

For the subs, you won't go wrong with the Infinity series. Always look at RMS, not peak value. That's the real power your amps/speakers/sub can take.

Depending on the total power of your audio system, possibly. Have a read on the other threads. They'll tell you how to go about calculating your total power to see how much it would take out of your alternator. I presume your alt is between 80 - 100a?

I don't know much, but the forum gives me more insight on what problems people are face with when installing high powered systems.

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If I recall, the mach system uses self amplified speakers.
If you want to replace any part of that system you'll need to replace everything.
As for the alternator, you can probably get a high output alternator for about $200-300, and that'll allow you to use amplifiers in the car without causing damage to both the speakers, and possibly the car itself.

what you do for an audio system will depend mostly on what you're able or willing to spend for the system.

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The Mach audio system is the upgraded sound system that's available on Mustangs. It's just a few extra speakers and a 6-disc in dash changer.

The 1230W subs look like they have the same power as a Alpine Type-R but at half the price, which is a little more appealing. I was considering the 801S because my friend got one as a gift but has no use for it, so he offered it to me for $175, which is less than half of what a store wants for one.

I have about $800-1000 to spend for a whole system right now. Circuit City is having some good sales right now with car audio (free installation, buy one get one free, things like that) which would help me save some money. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of system I could hook up in that price range that would sound nice? I'm not looking to pump it up incredibly loud, but I do like a lot of bass in my music. Thanks for the help.

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infinity referance subs are a good pick for you, since you dont have alot to spend and i know someone with them and theyll hit harder than type-r's in a small sealed box. and you realize the 801s will be underpower your subs right? thats not a bad thing though if they sound great. i like ur setup you are approaching, but as far as speakers go, i would reccomend some infinity component sets instead of the mach audio system upgrade... also, if i were you, i wouldnt buy anything else form circuit city other than your head unit (if u need one) or subs, and when u buy your subs, get the warranty plan thing incase you ever do blow your subs

and buy that 801s man, thats an awesome deal

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Well, I'm buying the car used (it was a steal for $7500) and it already has the mach audio system installed. It wasn't something necessary since I planned on putting my own system in anyway, but I might as well keep the parts to put back in whenever I sell the car. I also checked on Crutchfield it says that the biggest speakers I can fit in a Mustang are 5x7/6x8's....I think I saw a complete set (6) of the Infinity Kappa speakers on ebay though for like $220. I guess I'll have to do some research as to what exactly comes in that mach audio system.

What other amps would be good choices to power those subs (hopefully in the under $400 range)? I'm not sure whether I should buy a mono amp or 2-channel amp either if I can't get the 801s.

Also, just curious, but why would you suggest not buying anything from Circuit City? Seems like they have the same products as everyone else.
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