Will a Kicker Kx600.4 work well on my 2 300 watts subs???


I just got a kx600.4 amp and i wanna know if it wol work on my two 300 watt L5 8's (dvc 4 ohm)...also how do i wire them.....

also the 4 channel amp says 4 ohm stable bridged does this mean 4 ohms overall as the sum across the channels (series-parrallel with 2 dvc 4 ohm subs, each sub bridged to a pair of channels)???

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no ideal way to use a 4 channel amp with two DVC subs like that

you need a two channel amp, or a 1 Ohm stable mono amp, or two 4 Ohm subs.

all you can do is wire the coils in parallel for a pair of 2 Ohm subs, and put one on each of two channels, then you'll have two channels left over.

when you bridge an amp, it sees half the actual load, so that means the amp can only take 4 Ohms per channel. anything lower will cause the amp to enter thermal protection.

yea...i know if i wire each subs parallel i will get two 2 ohm loads.....(the amp will seea 1 ohm load from this if i'm right....)

like you said Glass, the amp sees half the impedence so can i wire each sub in series (this will give me two 8 ohm loads) and bridge the sub to 2 channels each....this will be a 4 ohm load right????????and the amp is 4 ohm stable bridged.......will this work??????

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it's an 8 Ohm load, the amp will "see" 4, but you'l only be getting half of the amp's full power that way.
same amount of power you'd get running one sub on each of two unbridged channels wired in parallel.

ideal load is a 4 Ohm sub on each bridged channel.
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