I have a audiobahn amp and sub which I just installed in a very old car when I cranked the bass the lights dimmed heaps and the bass went from nice to distorted so I turned the car off straight away, now when I turn the low pass up just a bit the bass distorts. Is the voice coil stuffed due to clipping? if so how much is it to have it fixed or replaced.

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Your alternator hasn't got what it takes to power your whole car along your sub. Is it a mono amp, powering the sub only or is it a 4 channel amp?

Most probaly the reason you get distortion is because your gain level on the amp is too high. Did you change your speakers as well? Chances are you may have damaged the sub. Long periods of clipping will do that. Best bet is just to invest in a new set of speakers, front and rear.

Have an audio specialist check the coils. They should know what to do.

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what he said.
you need a bigger alternator.
no capacitor, battery, etc.. alternator.

alright thanks

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hey (glass)/anyone on the topic of large replacement alternators i was told by my cousin that when you reach a certain point i think like 160 amps or higher for the alternator your engine idle needs to be adjusted to conpensate for the effects of the larger resistance and that it is better to stay under that limit and simply buy a smaller alterantor and if thats not enought possibly more of them. im not sure if idle was the problem exactly but it had somethin to do with problems with your engine. i was wondering if you've ever heard of such a thing? thanks for your help.

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only if the alternator adds drag to the motor, but that really isn't a problem anyway.
most computer controlled cars will compensate automatically, and older cars are easy to adjust idle speed with a small screw driver.
It's really not that big of a deal.
I have a stock drop in replacement 165A in my Jeep.
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