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Amp to power 1 12' X X X?basslova13
Focal speakersAnonymous4
Jbl 1200.1 vs. jl audio 1000/1marshall white20
Zapco 500m Class A/B Mono Amplifier?? Good Amp??Jonathan4
I think I broke the rest of the board....D P W6
Amplifier for Eclipse SW9152 15" Subwoofer???Subfanatic4
I think I broke the rest of the board....marshall white1
Amp set up in my trunk???Brandon2
Amp is on protect, cause a blown speaker?Johny F3
HU and Amp power...quick questionhowie feltersnatch3
PPI Promos 50 . . . anyone familiar with it?Bryan D1
Amp fans....Isaac2
Need some amps to match my new setup . . .howie feltersnatch3
Complete Setup Suggestions and your OPINION: Phoenix Gold XS2500 ampsBryan D36
RE XXX12 ampJake Davis4
Got power to amp,all wired corectly,subs not working? Jake Davis3
Amp cutting offIsaac2
How do ppl get therir mtx 1501d amp modified??marshall white3
How to Wire in 1 ohmKen C2
How do i hook up 2 amps with out running more cordsLance robenson2
Boss amp?David Brunner4
What is a good ampDavid Brunner3
How to wire this?David Brunner4
Kicker 600.1David Brunner3
New AmplifierDavid Brunner4
Reccomend an ampDavid Brunner4
Humming noise from speakers mixneffect4
Jl 1000/1 or the zapco ref 1000 ????dave214
Can Someone Help me????jordan hofer5
Anybody have an amp for sale?disturb3d_pri3st3
Two amps on one 4 gauge wire?snwboarder25113
Please HelpIsaac2
Amp overheating<<<Isaac6
Wiring ?Brandon3
Lights dimming... what do i needMO5
New MTX amps...are they good?Brian P Jackson8
Soundstorm amp review Anonymous2
Amp ProblemFishy4
Is combing different sized subs a good idea?Fishy11
Soundsystem that almost worksMarcus Turula1 notch or no?NiteScort7
Is my amp fried??Anonymous10
Question for smart folks....Jonathan5
Multiple FusesFishy3
Need help quickly please!kronik3
Gain settingDonald Byrum jr4
2004 Cavalier and aftermarket amp...Steve Smith4
Is Combing two different sized subs a good idea?TWiZTiD2
How do you set up more then one amp per sub?Brandon3
Is this gonna be a good choice?Jason Arthur3
HELP ME!!! Will this workDavid Brunner11
Quality amp for SWR-1222DDavid Brunner2
4 channel amp to one speaker?David Brunner6
Diamond Audio, ADS or PPI ampsEthan Grant9
How are these eclipsesJulian Jones2
Will space under sub boxes affect sound?Invictuz3
Flat Sub??Hickey5
Isaac or anyone in the know?amp adjustmentsJohn Smith6
New AmplifierCedric Johnson1
Kicker Setup HELPandrew james lancash3
Do i need a cap?mixneffect7
Help choosing amp (for jlaudio 12w3v2)Anonymous5
RF punch amplifiersNara8
Disappointed in 2500dInvictuz8
German subs...?Isaac2
1600rms ported? 1200rms sealed?unregistered1
Pioneer amps?Isaac2
Isaac Help Again/alternator Noise!!!Henry Padilla5
Please help with getting a complete setup . . . many questions . . .Bryan D6
What is causing my 600 watt boss amp to go into protect mode every...David Brunner5
Taking power from stock amp ?David Brunner7
PPI A600.2 !!!!!!David Brunner3
Orion HCCA 225 or PPI art A600.2skyliner178
What is a good powerfull Amp ?J.W.2
L7 15 or 12 and what size amp?apk11111
Rockford "birth sheet" questionvsvas2
What would cause sytem to sometimes hit louder than normal?johnnysanz331
Isaac, I got a question.....Isaac6
Which amp should I buy?Isaac4
Would these subs be ruined?Eric Velkoverh4
PPI pcx-1250 or Orion 6002Isaac6
Im Back!!Brandon9
Help tuning my ampisaac anyone?Isaac6
Ok me out on this oneIsaac6
Orion 250 G4Isaac4
Brand New JL 300/4 overheating?Isaac26
Questions about PPI ampIsaac4
Solo baric 15marshall white7
Will this amp work with these subsmarshall white6
I need help very very bad my amp shuts off when the subs hit please...james j reichert jr7
My first setupDale Hopkinson2
Sub not kicking it hard enough. Why??Kojak285
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